Posted: 3:38 pm Saturday, April 21st, 2018

By Jay Black


6:16 — FINAL SCORE: Black Team 21, Red Team 13

6:06 — TOUCHDOWN RED: Fromm hits Ridley from 57 yards. It’s now 21-13 Black Team with 1:42 left in game.

6:05 — KJ Smith intercepts Fields. Red ball at its 43.

6:01 — Monty Rice 14 tackles for red team today.

6:00 — QB UPDATE: Fromm 16-30 125 2 INT. Fields 14-25 192 1 TD. Bennett 5-9 73 yards. Hardman 0-1 1 INT.


5:45 — Buce misses a 47 yard FG for the black team. They still lead 21-6 with 12:23 left.

5:42 — Prather Hudson has 70 total yards. 32 rushing yards and 38 receiving. He’s the game’s leading rusher.

5:41 — END OF THIRD QUARTER: Black team 21, Red Team 6

5:35 — Fromm throws his second interception. Malik Poole gets this one. Black team has the ball at its 42 with 2:49 left in third.

5:29 — TOUCHDOWN BLACK: Fields hits Matt Landers with a fade pass in the corner of the endzone from 13 yards. It’s 21-6 Black Team with 5:09 left in third quarter.

5:25 — Mecole Hardman throws an interception. So the black team has it back at the red 45.

5:24 — Monty Rice has 10 tackles, one sack and one TFL for the red defense. He’s the leading tackler for the game.

5:23 — TOUCHDOWN BLACK: Prather Hudson with a two yard run. First offensive TD of the game. It’s 14-6 Black team with 10:49 left in third quarter.


5:13 — New UGA coach Tom Crean says this is the biggest he’s ever spoken in front of after speaking at halftime of G-Day.

5:04 — HALFTIME: Black 7, Red 6

5:03 — Brooks Buce misses a 33 yard field goal for the black team to end the half.

5:02 — Red defense has four “sacks” today. Black has three.

4:57 — FIELD GOAL RED: Blankenship hits a 29 yard field goal. It’s 7-6 Black team with 1:31 left in half. 

4:55 — D’Andre Walker comes in clean and nearly gets a sack on Fromm. Forces intentional grounding on third down.

4:49 — Red team all over the black on that series. A true sack and one that probably should have been. Keyon Brown with a nice play on Fields on third down.

4:45 — FIELD GOAL RED TEAM: Blankenship hits a 41 yarder. It’s 7-3 Black team with 5:19 left in half. 

4:45 — Bennett goes 2-for-5 for 54 yards on that drive. But he’s now leads in passing yards for both teams. A 45 yarder to Trey Blount.

4:39 — Stetson Bennett now in at QB for the red team. His first pass is knocked down by Walter Grant.

4:37 — Kirby Smart with Chuck Dowdle on the defense playing well to start. “They’ve got their ears pinned back coming after the passers.”

Overall impressions: “I think the kids are loving it. We haven’t had enough snaps because it’s going so fast. But the kids are competing and loving this atmosphere.”

On UGA fans nearly selling out this place. “It’s going to impact recurting in a big way.”

4:36 — Monty Rice gets the first sack against Fields. Ends the Black team’s second drive.


4:28 — END OF FIRST QUARTER: Black 7, Red 0

4:25 — Red team’s third drive dies at the black 38. Fromm 6-for-10 for 42 yards at the end of the first quarter.

4:24 — Jake Fromm’s two incompletions have been perfectly throw deep balls that were dropped.

4:20– TOUCHDOWN BLACK TEAM: Deandre Baker with a pick six off Jake Fromm. Baker gets to wear the Savage Spikes in the practice game. Black team leads 7-0 with 4:04 left in first quarter.

4:13 — Black team’s first drive stalls near midfield. Fields 3-for-5 for 34 yards. He also has a three yard run. Simmons also dropped an easy pass.

4:08 — First drive ends at midfield for the red team. Justin Fields take his spot for the drive to a nice applause.

4:04 — Terry Godwin is here and makes a seven yard catch on the second play.

4:03 p.m. — Red team which is the first team offense gets the ball at the 30 yard line.