ROSE BOWL LIVE: No. 3 Georgia vs No. 2 Oklahoma 

Posted: 4:04 pm Monday, January 1st, 2018

By Jay Black

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WSB Sports Director Jay Black blogs live from the Rose Bowl, so check back often with news and notes from the UGA Radio Booth.


9:16 — BLOCKED FIELD GOAL: Looked to be Lorenzo Carter. UGA needs a point of any kind to win the rose bowl. 

9:08 — Field goal Oklahoma: 33 yarder for Seibert. It’s 48-48. OU gets the ball first for the start of OT2. 

9:02 — FIELD GOAL GEORGIA: Blankenship hits a 38 yarder. UGA leads 48-45. Dawgs have to keep OU out of the end zone. 


8:58 — OU wins the overtime toss. They will play defense first.

8:54 — END OF FOURTH QUARTER: Georgia 45, Oklahoma 45

8:54 — OU cant cross midfield. They punt again and it goes out at the 25 of UGA. Dawgs ball with 17 seconds left and two TOs.

8:48 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Nick Chubb with a 2 yard score. It’s 45-45 with 55 seconds left in the fourth quarter. 

8:42 — Georgia’s defense does what it has to do. Forcing a 3 and out. OU punt is short back to UGA 41. 29 yard punt.

8:37 — Key stat, Georgia 2-for-9 on third downs. Dawgs go 3 and out after the fumble. OU ball at its 23 yard line.

8:33 — From Scott Howard,  that is the first lost fumble on a running play for UGA this season.

8:33 — Touchdown Oklahoma: Sony Michel fumbles it and Parker runs it all the way back for the score. Sooners lead 45-38 with 6:52 left in the fourth quarter. 

8:25 — Sony Michel and Nick Chubb have combined for 283 yards on 16 carries. That’s an average of 17.7 per rush.

8:23 — Touchdown Oklahoma: Mayfield hits Flowers with an 11 yard pass. It’s tied 38-38 with 6:47 left in the fourth quarter. 

8:20 — UGA’s suffers its second 3 and out of the game, but another huge punt by Nizialek pins OU at its 10.

8:00 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Wims with a 4 yard catch from Fromm. UGA leads for the first time in the Rose Bowl. It’s 38-31 with 13:57 left. 

7:59 –Interception Georgia: Sanders ties the UGA record with his 16th career pick. Dawgs ball at OU 4.


7:51 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Michel with a 38 yard run. Folks, it’s tied 31-31 with 41 seconds left. 

7:44 — After two sacks in that drive, OU punts it back to the UGA 29.

7:43 — That’s Georgia’s 5th sack today, which ties a season high.

7:35 — Georgia’s offense suffers it’s first 3 and out of the game. But Nizialek booms a 61 yard punt (career long) that’s downed at the OU 1.

7:27 — Wow has this game turned. Another 3 and out for UGA defense. Dawgs ball after punt back to the UGA 28 yard line. Hardman didn’t catch it and took a big OU bounce. But Dawgs can tie it.

7:23 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Nick Chubb with 50 yard score. Georgia now down 31-24 with 12:25 left in the third quarter. 


6:51 — HALFTIME: Oklahoma 31, Georgia 17 — Wow did Georgia get a free three points there thanks to a bizarre squib kick by OU that was caught by Trae Crowder on the other side of mid field. After a quick Jake Fromm pass, Blankenship nails a career long 55 yarder, which is also a Rose Bowl record.

“We need more than that thought,” said Kirby Smart in his halftime interview with Chuck Dowdle.

And he is right. Man, this Oklahoma offense is truly an unstoppable force. Or at least right now. The Sooners are up to 360 total yards, 202 in the air and 158 on the ground. This is a fast, balanced attack that’s hitting on long passes, short passes, runs, crossing routes, and throws to the QB.

“We’ve got to play better defensively. Playing horrible. Really sad. We can’t stop the run,” said Smart, who did say there are ways to adjust, but they have to stop the run.

Georgia’s offense is playing just fine. They are actually getting more yards per play than Oklahoma is (10.4 to 9.0). But right now, you have to play nearly flawless to keep up and UGA has not done that. A missed kick, and some ill-timed penalties.

Georgia has 182 yards on the ground and Fromm is just fine going 12-for-17 for 109 yards.

Bottom line, Georgia’s offense is playing well enough to win most games. But they aren’t perfect and UGA’s defense has no answers. They must find a few and quickly.

6:51 — FIELD GOAL GEORGIA: Blankenship hits a 55 yarder after a bad squib kick by OU. Dawgs trail 31-17 at halftime.

6:46 — Sooners with 360 total yards in the first half and they will get the ball to start the second half.

6:45 — Touchdown OU: Lamb throws a 2 yard pass to QB Baker Mayfield on a reverse. It’s 31-14 Sooners with 6 seconds left in the half. 

6:33 — First play of the drive, 45 yard run by Chubb. But that’s it. Dawgs punt back to the OU 10.

6:29 — Hey look at that. Sooners will punt for the first time after going 3 and out. Punt goes out at UGA 2. 5:37 left in half.

6:27 — Georgia’s defense was averaging 271 yards allowed per game. OU is at 263 with the ball.

6:24 –After Georgia finally forces an OU field goal, UGA’s drive ends quickly. Punt isn’t great, back to OU 42 yard line.

6:16 — Field Goal OU: Seibert hits a 38 yarder. It’s 24-14 Sooners with 6:17 left in half. 

6:16 — Breaking News: Georgia stops OU. Tyler Clark with the sack to end the drive. FG attempt coming.

6:03 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Sony Michel 75 yards on the first play of the drive. Ties career long run. It’s 21-14 OU with 14:00 left in the half. 

5:59 p.m. –Touchdown OU: Anderson with a 41 yard TD run. It’s 21-7 Sooners with 14:12 left in half. 


5:53 — END OF FIRST QUARTER: Oklahoma 14, Georgia 7 — Instant analysis: Well this is pretty easy to size up. Oklahoma’s offense is rolling. Average yards per play 10.5. Yards per pass 13.7. Yards per run 9.4. OU ran 15 plays in the first quarter and only one of them was on third down.

That’s not good. Mayfield is 6-for-7 for 82 yards, while Anderson has 66 yards on the ground. Right now there are now answers.

Meanwhile, UGA’s offense isn’t playing bad. After a shaky first series, Fromm has settled in going 9-for-11 for 80 yards. But this offense can’t make any mistakes and so far they have, with a killer false start penalty that wilted the third drive, which ended with a missed field goal.

OU’s offense is no joke.

5:52 — This is the first time UGA has forced OU into a third down late in the first quarter. They convert.

5:50 — Blankenship misses a 48 yard FG. A promising drive bogs down after a false start penalty.

5:41 — Touchdown OU: Anderson with a nine yard score. He had 66 yards on that drive. Sooners lead 14-7 with 6:56 in the first quarter. 

5:37 — Anderson runs away from Smith for 45 yards to get OU back in the red zone. That doesn’t happen to Smith much.

5:34 — That was Fromm’s 22nd TD pass this year and Michel’s first TD catch.

5:30 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Fromm hits Michel with a 13 yard TD pass. UGA ties it 7-7 with 8:27 left in the first quarter. 

5:23 — Touchdown Oklahoma: Mayfield hits Brown for a 13 yard score. Sooners fly down the field. OU leads 7-0 with 11:31 left in first quarter. Six plays, 80 yards. 2:06. 

5:15 — After a quick first down, UGA’s first drive ends at midfield. Nizialek booms a punt into the end zone for a touchback. OU ball at 20.

5:13 — Play 1 – First down in the air to Javon Wims.

5:10 — OU wins the toss and will defer. UGA ball to start the

4:54 p.m. — Kirby Smart pregame interview: “We got our work in. I’m not really worried about the fun part. Our kids have been serious about it. We are about to building up to a momentum point and it’s about to tip off right now are here right now.”  And on UGA fans here “Sea of red. Dawg Nation is here and I expected nothing less.”