GAMEDAY LIVE: No. 6 Georgia vs No. 2 Auburn

GAMEDAY LIVE: No. 6 Georgia vs No. 2 Auburn 

Posted: 3:11 pm Saturday, December 2nd, 2017

By Jay Black

WSB Sports Director Jay Black blogs live from the UGA Radio Booth at the SEC Championship Game at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Check back often for news, notes and stats during the game.


7:26 — Georgia throws for the end zone on 4th and 5 and Wims juggles a tough catch, but drops it. Auburn ball with 2:07 left at its 18.

7;17 — This is the most rushing yards Auburn has allowed all season. 2:23 and counting.

7:09 — UGA forces another quick and 3 and out. UGA ball at its 28 with 10:09 left.

7:03 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Swift 64 yards. UGA leads 28-7. 10:34 left. 

6:59 — Chubb is now the SEC’s 2nd all-time leading rusher behind only Herschel Walker.

6:55 — UGA’s defense forces 3 and out. UGA is hit for a facemask but keeps the ball at its 25.

6:49 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Fromm hits Godwin for a 7 yard score. 2 point con is good to Godwin. It’s 21-7 with 13:06 left. 

6:45 — Personal foul against Auburn for a late hit out of bounds. Goal to go for UGA.

6:44 — FUMBLE: Roquan Smith recovers it after its Johnson fumbles. Rochester forced it. UGA ball at the Auburn 40.


6:39 — END OF THIRD QUARTER: Georgia 13, Auburn 7 — Instant analysis: Well this is how it should be, the fourth quarter will decide it and the third quarter was sort of a draw. Auburn outgained UGA 104-102, but the Dawgs got three pretty big points. It should have been a draw on the scoreboard too except for the blocked field goal by DaQuan Hawkins-Muckle.

UGA’s defense is defending the deep ball well and forcing Stidham to throw a bunch of short stuff. The Auburn QB is 14-for-22 for 125 yards.

Fromm has played great, 15-for-19 for 176 yards and a TD.

The rushing has been tough, but Chubb has popped a couple. He’s up to 63 yards on 10 carries.

6:35 — FIELD GOAL GEORGIA: Blankenship hits a 35 yarder. UGA leads 13-7 with 1:26 left in the third quarter. 

6;32 — Chuck Dowdle from UGA sidelines: Michel has a left knee injury he’s out of the game “for now”

6:28 — Auburn drive dies in UGA territory. Punt is a touchback so UGA ball at its 20.

6:22 — Georgia is up to 6 penalties for 76 yards. UGA had for 7 for 75 in the first game.

6:19 — That blocked FG was UGA’s 5th block in SEC Championship game history. 3 FGs (’03, 12, 17) and 2 punts (02, 05).

6:15 — BLOCKED FG: A potential game tying kick is blocked by UGA. DaQuan Hawkins-Muckle got a big hand on it. Recovered by Sanders. UGA ball at its 29.

6:05 p.m. — Georgia’s first drive falls inches short of a fist down near midfield. Punt is a touchback. AUB ball at 20.


5:36 — HALFTIME: Georgia 10, Auburn 7 — Well a lot has changed in that second quarter hasn’t it. Georgia is up 10 even though UGA fans are letting the boos rip because of some killer penalties against Georgia. Some of those were legit, some were borderline.

The worst might have been a roughing the passer penalty that wiped out an illegal touching penalty against Auburn. It looked to be a big play, but with the UGA fans going nuts it seemed to have fired up the Dawgs even more.

On that same drive Davin Bellamy forced a fumble and UGA has turned things around. Since that penalty, UGA has outgained Auburn 143 to 30 and it could be even more.

UGA side reporter Chuck Dowdle asked Kirby Smart at halftime about overcoming adversity (translation, dealing with the penalties): “That’s what you do, you’ve got to do that to win a championship. We’ve got to play with more composure and more physicality.”

But even on Bellamy’s fumble Kirby was critical.

What also helps is having Roquan Smith on your team. In the last six quarters Smith has 17 tackles, 15 solo, five TFLs and two sacks. The Dawgs have gotten in Auburn’s backfield a lot with 6 TFLs today.

Meanwhile on offense, Jake Fromm is leading this team. After missing on his first throw, the freshman has completed nine straight for 119 yards and a TD. He had another TD pass that was wiped away by a pick play.

UGA has run more up tempo this game, which is easier to do when you are actually moving the ball. Rushing wise, it’s still been tough with only 49 yards on 16 carries. Nick Chubb has 33 of those on seven carries.

After that first drive, Georgia has controlled the flow of this game. Can they do it for another two quarters.

5:32 –Roquan Smith today: 8 tackles, 7 solo. 2 TFLs, 1 sack.

5:31 — Roquan Smith’s sack ends the Auburn drive at midfield. UGA ball after a procedure penalty on the punt at its 22. 49 seconds left.

5:27 — Call is legit, but it’s another killer for the Dawgs.

5:27 — Georgia interception is wiped away by — guess what — a penalty. UGA fans running out of boos.

5:23 — UGA isn’t getting a lot of breaks right now, but since that roughing the passer penalty it seems to have turned the game around. Yards since then, UGA 143, Auburn 13.

5:20 — FIELD GOAL GEORGIA: Blankenship hits a 27 yarder. UGA leads 10-7 with 4:59 left in the half. 

5:19 — Georgia TD wiped away by a offensive pass interference for a pick route. Wims was pushed by an AU player into another, which isn’t a foul, but was called that way. Dawgs have to settle for FG attempt.

5:12 — UGA fans are going wild after the Dawgs force a 3 and out. UGA ball after punt on its 32. Momentum shifting.

5:11 — That is UGA’s 5 TFL in the game and 13th in the two games against AUB. Tigers have 7.

5:09 — Fromm on that drive 4-for-4 for 51 yards and a TD.

5:06 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Fromm hits Nauta on a fake sweep. Wide open. 2 yard score. It’s 7-7 with 10:14 left half. 

4:59 — Fumble recovered by UGA: Bellamy forces it on a sack recovered by Smith. UGA ball.


4:51 — END OF FIRST QUARTER: Auburn 7, Georgia 0 — Instant analysis: We haven’t exactly picked up where we left off three weeks ago at Auburn, but it’s close. First and fore most, penalties are killing Georgia again. The roughing the passer penalty was borderline, but the others have not been. That’s the third flag against UGA, even two only count as penalties.

Auburn’s defensive line is teeing off on Jake Fromm again, getting two sacks on the first drive. There hasn’t been much running room, since Nick Chubb’s first run for 13 yards. UGA is getting a little more than it did three weeks ago, but Auburn’s big fellas are tough. The Dawgs have seven yards on seven carries. Take away the sacks, UGA averages four yards a carry.

Jared Stidham is picking UGA apart with short passes, he’s 6-for-6 for 60 yards and a TD. Kerryon Johnson doesn’t seem too banged up, but he’s not quite himself. Johnson has 17 yards on six carries so far.

4:50 — Georgia fans going nuts after a rough the passer penalty against UGA that wipes away an Auburn penalty after UGA covers a flea flicker.

4:46 — UGA goes 3 and out on second drive. Dawgs had Ramsey back to punt, but AU spots it and calls TO. Nizialek punts it to AU 24.

4:41 — Dawgs defense recovers nicely. 3 and out. UGA ball at its 32 after Hardman fell down. Bad break because he had some room.

4:37 — It’s just the first drive for each team in this game, but it’s alarming that we’ve picked up right where we have left off. Dawgs committing killer penalties, OL can’t stop pass rush, Stidham is 4-for-4.

4:36 — Fromm is sacked for the second time on this drive. Drive ends with punt back to Aub 20.

4:30 — Chubb’s first carry of 13 yards is the longest run against Auburn this year. Long in first game was 10 by Swift.

4:24 — Touchdown Auburn: Stidham hits Craig-Myers with a 6 yard pass. Auburn leads 7-0 with 9:54 left in first quarter. 

4:18 — A substitution penalty against UGA wipes away a TFL. Dawgs giving the Tigers extra chances again.

4:16 — Johnson’s first carry goes for 7 yards.

4:15 –First penalty of the game goes against UGA for pass interference on Baker. Keeps Auburn drive alive.

4:13 — Kerryon Johnson starts the game for Auburn

4:09 p.m. — UGA wins the toss and defers to the second half. Sony Michel with the correct call. Auburn gets the ball to start.