GAMEDAY LIVE: No. 7 Georgia at Georgia Tech

GAMEDAY LIVE: No. 7 Georgia at Georgia Tech 

Posted: 10:44 am Saturday, November 25th, 2017

By Jay Black

WSB sports director Jay Black is blogging live from the UGA Radio Booth at Bobby Dodd Stadium. Check back often for news, notes and stats throughout the game.


3:12 — FINAL SCORE: No. 7 Georgia 38, Georgia Tech 7. Dawgs are state champions again. UGA has won 9 straight at Grant Field. 

2:52 — Crumpton had 3 catches for 18 yards before today. He had two catches for 78 on that drive.

2:50 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Fromm hits Ahkil Crumpton for a 78 yard score. It’s Georgia’s longest play of the year. UGA leads 38-7 with 11:21 left. 

2:43 — Deandre Baker with an interception in the end zone. He runs it out, which wasn’t the best move. But UGA has the ball at its 15.


2:36 — END OF THIRD QUARTER: Georgia 31, Georgia Tech 7 — Instant analysis: Georgia Tech isn’t holding on anymore. Georgia has pretty well established its dominance in the third quarter and like most of its games this season, heads into the final frame with a commanding lead.

After the Jackets took the air out of the ball and controlled the first half, Kirby Smart’s defense put a stop to that by only allowing the Jackets to run eight plays in the third quarter. UGA outgained the Jackets 146 to 25 in the third quarter. Roquan Smith is on pace for a career game, making 9 tackles and 3 TFLs (career high). It is about as good as can be expected for UGA’s defense. The Jackets were below 4 yards a carry through three periods.

Meanwhile, the Jackets have no answer for UGA’s offense, especially on the ground. The Dawgs are up to 195 rushing yards and will hit 200 for the 10th time this season. Sony Michel leads with 85.

Jake Fromm’s efficiency continues to show. He’s 10-for-14 for 146 yards, including a bomb to Hardman.

UGA is well on its way to 9 straight wins here at Grant Field.

2:31 — THIRD QUARTER YARDS: Georgia 146, Georgia Tech -1.

2:30 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: D’Andre Swift with a two yard leap over the pile into the end zone. UGA is up 31-7 with 1:23 left in the third. 

2:21 — Tech’s second drive also goes 3 and out. Dawgs ball at its 32 yard line. Jackets have -1 yards in the third quarter.

2:19 — Roquan Smith has 8 tackles and 3 TFLs.

2:16 — Sony Michel moves into third on UGA’s all-time rushing list. 1. Herschel. 2. Chubb. 3. Michel. 4. Gurley.

2:14 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Michel with four yard score. UGA leads 24-7 with 9:03 left in the third quarter. UGA leads 24-7.

2:09 — Kendall Baker returns to the UGA offensive line.

2:07 — And the Jackets go 3 and out for the first time. UGA ball after a punt at its 23 yard line.

2:02 — Georgia goes 3 and out on its first drive of the half. Tech ball after punt at its 35 yard line.

2:00 — Chuck Dowdle reports from UGA sidelines that FB Payne will not return because of an injury. Now Kendall Baker is slow to come off the field after the first play of the half.

1:59 — Tech kicks away from Hardman to start second half and Holyfield fumbles the kick, but UGA recovers.


1:37 — FIELD GOAL GEORGIA: Blankenship hits a 37 yarder. UGA leads 17-7 at the end of the half. Instant analysis — It’s a Paul Johnson special right now. Georgia has scored on three of its four possessions and Nick Chubb was stuffed at midfield on third and short on the other drive.

But Georgia Tech is still in this game because…well lets let Kirby Smart handle sum it up.

“The defense is playing their a– off. Their (offense) is nickle and diming us and Paul (Johnson) is slow playing the game.”

Georgia’s biggest problem is getting off the field on third down. Tech is 7-for-10 today which is why the Jackets have been able to keep the ball for almost eight minutes more than the Dawgs. Tech is averaging 4.4 yards per carry, which is a shade below its average this season. Nathan Cottrell has 42 yards on four carries, while QB Marshall has 32 on seven carries and Benson has 23. UGA hasn’t gotten killed by Tech’s option at all, it just hasn’t smothered it. B- grade in the first half.

Marshall has had open receivers to hit when he throws, but hasn’t been able to convert, except on the pick play that led to the TD. Marshall is 2-for-7 in the air for 38 yards.

Meanwhile, UGA’s offense hasn’t had much to do, but hasn’t had too many issues. The Dawgs are getting 7.5 yards per play and 6.9 yards per rush. Sony Michel has been terrific with 67 yards on 8 carries, while Nick Chubb has 19 yards on five carries.

Jake Fromm misfired on his first couple of throws to start the game, but has been very solid since, going 8-for-10 for 91 yards with six straight compeltions. Including a well executed 48 second final drive that set up a very important field goal.

The Jackets show very little sign of resistance defensively, but the Jackets are still in this ball game. Which kind of feels like last year when Tech just hung around. Georgia does get the ball to start the second half and another touchdown would be huge.

1:31 — There are 48 seconds left and this will be Georgia’s second drive of the second quarter. Tech has held the ball for 18:52, while UGA’s TOP is 10:20.

1:30 — Touchdown Georgia Tech: After two timeouts by GT, Marshall hits a wide open Ricky Jeune from 10 yards out. It’s 14-7 Georgia with 48 seconds left. 

1:26 — TOTAL PLAYS IN 2nd QUARTER: Tech 21 (and counting), Georgia 5.

1:19 — This is our fifth instant replay review of the first half.

1:09 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Fromm hits Wims for a 21 yard score on a play fake. Fromm’s 18th TD pass this year. UGA leads 14-0 with 7:05 left in half. 

1:03 — After a 12 play drive, Tech fails to convert on fourth down. UGA ball at its 34 yard.


12:49 — END OF FIRST QUARTER: Georgia 7, Georgia Tech 0 — Instant analysis: Georgia has practiced against Georgia Tech’s offense at least once a week all year long. So far, its showing, at least on the ground. Roquan Smith is able to run free and he’s all over the place right now, making three tackles on Tech’s 10 runs. Two of them are behind the line of scrimmage. He’s an All-American and he’s looking like it. Tech has had some open receivers on their pass plays but haven’t been able to hit until the last play of the quarter.

UGA’s rushing attack didn’t have much of an issue in its first drive where the Dawgs ran down and took the lead. The Dawgs are averaging 5.1 yards per carry. But UGA failed to pick up the first down on third and short on its second and final drive of the quarter. Jake Fromm has made some bad throws that he got away with, but is 4 for 6 for 29 yards.

Georgia is the better team, no doubt, but when you play Tech, you don’t get a lot of possessions. So it’s only a one score game.

12:47 — Georgia fails on third and one. Chubb dropped in the backfield at 46. Good punt by Nizialek back to GT 10.

12:44 — Jackets again get one first down and drive stalls at its 39. UGA ball after punt at its 27.

12:39 — Trenton Thompson is hurt and is slowly walking to the trainer’s tent.

12:30 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Nick Chubb with a one yard run. UGA leads 7-0 with 5:51 left in first quarter. 

12:21 — Sony Michel passes Garrison Hearst as UGA’s 4th all-time leading rusher.

12:16 — Tech’s first drive stalls after one first down. Hardman with another nice return. UGA ball at its 39 yard line.

12:11 — Call is overturned because the ball went in the end zone after a “fair catch” call. So it’s a touchback. Huge break.

12:08 — Georgia Tech messes up the kickoff and Howard is tackled at half yard line.

12:08 — Pretty good chance there are more UGA fans here than Tech folks. Lots of red here.

12:05 p.m. — Georgia calls heads and wins the toss. UGA defers to second half. Tech ball.