Jay Black on the Dawgs 

Smart leaves Tech with no option and reclaims state title

  • 5:34 pm Saturday, November 25th, 2017 by Jay Black

ATLANTA – The last period of practice every Monday all season long was the Tech period.

It had nothing to do with the current game, but everything to do with the last one.

Kirby Smart was making sure what happened last year would not happen again.

“Oh my God,” said linebacker Natrez Patrick, when asked about getting ready for the Jackets triple option. “Just those cut blocks and the way you have to grind through practice. It’s a struggle.”

This coming from the coach who constantly preaches that every game is the same, every opponent is the same. Don’t look forward and don’t look [More]

GAMEDAY LIVE: No. 7 Georgia at Georgia Tech

  • 10:44 am Saturday, November 25th, 2017 by Jay Black

WSB sports director Jay Black is blogging live from the UGA Radio Booth at Bobby Dodd Stadium. Check back often for news, notes and stats throughout the game.


3:12 — FINAL SCORE: No. 7 Georgia 38, Georgia Tech 7. Dawgs are state champions again. UGA has won 9 straight at Grant Field. 

2:52 — Crumpton had 3 catches for 18 yards before today. He had two catches for 78 on that drive.

2:50 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Fromm hits Ahkil Crumpton for a 78 yard score. It’s Georgia’s longest play of the year. UGA leads 38-7 with 11:21 left. 

2:43 — Deandre Baker with an interception in [More]

Georgia’s seniors get the send off they deserve

  • 9:53 pm Saturday, November 18th, 2017 by Jay Black

ATHENS – It’s a picture that, if anyone actually sells it, will make a killing.

The four seniors who stayed, with the postgame hoopla of a 42-13 blowout swirling around them, pulled over to have someone capture the moment.

No one would have blamed Nick Chubb and Sony Michel for taking the NFL’s money. Running backs live short lives. College running back is a pretty tough way to earn a scholarship.

Lorenzo Carter and Davin Bellamy had to consider if another uncertain season was the best move. Because guys who hit NFL quarterbacks have nice houses too.

This was one of the moments they [More]

GAMEDAY LIVE: Kentucky at No. 7 Georgia

  • 10:52 am Saturday, November 18th, 2017 by Jay Black

WSB sports director Jay Black is blogging live from the UGA Radio Booth at Sanford Stadium. Check back often for news, stats and notes during the game.


6:52 — FINAL SCORE: Georgia 42, Kentucky 13

6:32 — Sony Michel’s only other 3 rushing TD game was against Troy his freshman year.

6:31 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Michel with a 4 yard run. His third of the night. It’s 42-13 with 10:59 left.

6:25 — Georgia’s defense forces another 3 and out. It’s second of the game. Wildcats punt it back to the UGA 40. Dawgs hoping to put this thing away for good.

6:22 — Chubb now passes Gurley [More]

No. 1 Dawgs can’t handle the stage or the Tigers

  • 9:24 pm Saturday, November 11th, 2017 by Jay Black

AUBURN, Ala – Humility is no longer a week away.

If you’ve heard any of UGA coach Kirby Smart’s press conferences, you’ve no doubt heard that line and that lesson for his players.

It’s a good one. And for the nation’s number one team, the humbling has arrived.

“The lesson was learned that they got a good football team,” Smart told the UGA radio network after Saturday’s stomping in Auburn. “They whipped us up front, they whipped us on the back end, they whipped on us the edges.”

Or more simply.

“It was a total butt whippin’,” said Smart.

Yup. That’s the only appropriate verb for: [More]

GAMEDAY LIVE: No. 1 Georgia at No. 10 Auburn

  • 2:14 pm Saturday, November 11th, 2017 by Jay Black

WSB Sports Director Jay Black blogs live from Jordan-Hare Stadium. Check back often for news and notes from the UGA Radio Booth. 


7:07 — FINAL SCORE: Auburn 40, Georgia 17

7:01 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Riley Ridley catches a 14 yard pass from Fromm. It’s 40-17 with 2:19 left. 

6:44 — Touchdown Auburn: Johnson a 55 yard catch from Stidham on a screen. It’s 40-10 Auburn with 6:13 left. 

6:38 — Fromm started this game 3-for-3 for 56 yards on the first drive. He’s 5-for-19 for 77 yards since.

6:32 — Field goal Auburn: Carlson hits a 37 yarder. His fourth of the game. Auburn is up 33-10 with 10:06 [More]

No celebrating allowed, but Georgia is SEC East Champs

  • 9:29 pm Saturday, November 4th, 2017 by Jay Black

ATHENS – This is probably just how Kirby Smart wanted it.

Georgia didn’t officially know it had punched its first ticket to the SEC Championship game since 2012 until well after everyone had cleared out of Sanford Stadium.

There was no one here to celebrate. But the sense around this empty stadium tonight is there’s nothing this football team or its coach wants to celebrate.

“I guarantee you half the guys don’t even know that,” said safety JR Reed when told his team was SEC East champs.

On Georgia’s website, there’s no grand proclamation of a division title. Check the UGA football Twitter feed [More]

GAMEDAY LIVE: South Carolina vs No. 1 Georgia

  • 10:34 am Saturday, November 4th, 2017 by Jay Black

WSB Sports Director Jay Black is blogging live from the UGA Radio Booth. So check back often for news and notes during today’s game. 


6:45 — FINAL SCORE: No. 1 Georgia 24, South Carolina 10. 

6:44 — Nick Chubb with 102 yards on 20 carries. Third time over 100 against USC and 22nd time in his career.

6:39 — Interception Georgia: Malcolm Parrish with a pick. 1:49 left. That ought to do it.

6:37 — Georgia’s offense suffers its first 3 and out trying to run out the clock. Touchback on punt. USC ball on 20 with 2:29 left.

6:29 — South Carolina’s fourth down attempt fails with 4:52 [More]