GAMEDAY LIVE: No. 3 Georgia vs Florida

GAMEDAY LIVE: No. 3 Georgia vs Florida 

Posted: 2:53 pm Saturday, October 28th, 2017

By Jay Black

WSB Sports Director Jay Black blogs live from the UGA Radio booth at EverBank Field in Jacksonville. So check back often for news and notes throughout the game. 


6:56 — This is Georgia’s biggest victory over Florida since winning 44-0 in 1982.

6:51 — FINAL SCORE: Georgia 42, Florida 7

6:47 — Touchdown UF: One yard TD run by Thompson. Florida still has not been shutout since 1988, their NCAA record streak is extended to 368 games

6:34 — Malik Zaire comes into the game at QB and can’t do any better. UGA ball after punt at its 12.

6:26 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Holyfield with a 39 yard TD run. It’s 42-0 with 11:22 left. 

6:21 — Felipe Franks now 7-for-19 for 30 yards for UF. Fromm 3-for-6 for 74 yards.


6:03 – END OF THIRD QUARTER: Georgia 35, Florida 0 — Instant analysis: So for the 7th time this season, the issue is no longer in doubt in the fourth quarter. With the Dawgs wobbling following a Jake Fromm interception, Georgia’s defense once again stopped Florida on a fourth down to preserve the shutout. This time the offense took over. Sony Michel ripped off his second big run of the game for a 45 yard TD. Three plays later, JR Reed picked up a fumble on a sack of Felipe Franks to run in it for another TD and the celebration is on.

Florida just can not stop Georgia’s pass rush and now the Dawgs are just pinning their ears back and coming after the Gators young QB. Franks is 7-for-17 for just 30 yards. The Gators has rushed for 134  yards, but that’s all they are doing.

UGA has a season high five sacks and has 8 TFLs for a combined 49 lost yards.

Jake Fromm has only completed three passes for 74 yards and hasn’t really played great, but he certainly hasn’t needed to. This is Georgia’s formula. Run the ball great and play great defense.

The Florida fans are already trying to beat the traffic.

6:01 –UGA has scored 35 points on 29 plays and right at 300 yards of offense.

6:00 — That is sack number 5 for UGA’s defense to force another punt. 8 TFLs too. Dawgs ball on 20.

5:53 — That was the first time today that UGA really let loose and celebrate. JR Reed was lifted on his teammates shoulders on the bench.

5:53 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: UGA with a scoop and score on a sack. JR Reed picks it up for the the TD. It’s 35-0 with 5:21 left in third. 

5:47 — Michel crosses over 3,000 rushing yards for his career. That’s his 10th 100 yard rushing game in his career.

5:46 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Sony Michel with a 45 yard run. He’s up to 137 yards. UGA leads 28-0 with 6;43 left in third quarter. 

5:42 — UF safety Chauncey Gardner is hurt at mid field after getting run over by D’Andre Swift on a simple pass from Fromm.

5:37 — Florida goes for it on fourth down from the 23 and fails on a pass in the end zone. Gators 0-for-2 on fourth down. UGA up 21-0 still.

5:28 –Interception UF: Fromm tried to throw it all the way across the field but it just hung and was an easy pick for Dawson. UF ball at UGA 41.


5:02 — END OF FIRST HALF: Georgia 21, Florida 0 — Instant analysis: So it’s not 75-0 yet, which is not surprise. But the way the first quarter started, we were well on our way. The Gators, to their credit, were able to stop the bleeding by slowing down Georgia’s rushing game. UGA went from 132 yards on the ground in the first frame to 35 in the second quarter.

The Gators on the other hand were finally able to get something going offensively and it was almost exclusively on the ground. Florida rushed for 96 yards in that period, compared to 22 in the first quarter.

Most of Florida’s offense game on a 15 play 84 yard drive that took up half the second quarter. But UGA bowed up and kept Florida out of the end zone to keep the shutout intact.

UGA is also show its best pass rush in nearly a month, getting two sacks and five TFLs. But the coach isn’t happy, at least with his defense.

“No I’m not happy with the defense,” said Kirby Smart told Chuck Dowdle on the UGA radio network. “They are running the ball on us. We’ve got to make them make one-dimensional. They are running as well on us as we are on them and that’s not what we want to do.”

If Felipe Franks throws the ball more, Georgia is certainly in good shape. UF’s freshman quarterback is playing horribly. He’s 6-for-15 for 25 yards and one interception and he nearly had another one, but a potential pick six was blown dead.

UGA offense, frankly hasn’t been on the field a whole lot. Georgia ran 20 plays in the first half, including nine in the second quarter. So the Dawgs are averaging 11.2 yards per play. But after playing against what looked like nine defenders in the first period, Florida was able to stop the run and at least put up something of a fight. Jake Fromm only threw it twice, both were incompletions.

While the blowout has been stalled a bit, Georgia is leading Florida 21-0. That’s a good thing.

4:53 — Second quarter yards: Florida 110, Georgia 35

4:52 — Dawgs get out of the shadow of their goal line, but drive stalls at 37. UGA punts Florida back to its 17 yard line.

4:44 — After a 15 play drive that takes up 7:34, Florida is stopped on fourth down at the UGA 4 yard line. Dawgs ball.

4:29 –Breaking news. UGA is forced to punt. Dawgs drive stalls on the other side of midfield. Gators ball at its 14.


4:21 — END OF FIRST QUARTER: Georgia 21, Florida 0 — Instant analysis: I don’t want to say its over yet, but if a game is over in the first quarter. This is exactly how it looks like. It’s pure and total domination right now. Florida’s offense is an inept as it appears and its defense can’t stop UGA at all. The Dawgs out gained Florida 188-34 in the first period, while crushing Florida on the ground 132-22.

Oh and Jake Fromm has not thrown a slant pass yet, but he’s hit Javon Wims with a fade pass and a screen to Swift. Those are the only two passes he needed to throw.

Sony Michel has 70 yards in the quarter on the ground, Chubb is up to 63. And the Dawgs don’t seem surprised by this at all. It’s all business right now. No big celebrations or partying. This is was they expected.

Meanwhile Felipe Franks seems very erratic and has been under pressure all game. He’s not handling it well.

4:20 — Florida did cross mid-field, but by a yard. The punt it into the UGA end zone.

4:17 — The last time UGA scored 21 points in a quarter vs Florida was in the fourth quarter in the 2010 overtime loss.

4:14 — Florida picks up its first first down of the game. And its crowd goes wild.

4:07 — That’s UGA longest run of the season.

4:06 –TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Sony Michel runs 74 yards. It’s 21-0 UGA with 7:32 left in the first quarter. 

4:02 — That’s Florida’s best drive so far. Five yards and 3 and out. UGA ball after punt at 26.

4:00 — Georgia has scored more points today than it has in the last two games combined against Florida.

3:58 — TOTAL YARDS: Georgia 82, Florida -3.

3:56 –TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Wims with a leaping catch on a fade from Fromm for 17 yards. It’s 14-0 UGA with 9:12 left in first. 

3:53 –Interception Georgia: Dominick Sanders off a tipped pass returns this to the UF 29. 15th career pick.

3:50 — If you’re wondering, no big celebration on UGA bench after TD. Just like it was supposed to happen.

3:47 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Chubb with a 6 yard score. UGA leads 70 with 11:34 left in first quarter. A perfect start for Dawgs. 

3:46 — Florida dares Fromm to throw with 10 men on the line. Screen to Swift on third down goes 39 yards to UF 6.

3:44 — UGA gets its first sack in three games on force Florida into a 3-and-out. Dawgs ball at its 47 after punt.

3:41 — Florida flagged for false start on the first snap of the game.

3:36 p.m. — UGA calls heads. Dawgs win the toss and will defer to 2nd half. Gators ball.