GAMEDAY LIVE: Missouri at No. 4 Georgia

GAMEDAY LIVE: Missouri at No. 4 Georgia 

Posted: 3:07 pm Saturday, October 14th, 2017

By Jay Black

WSB sports director Jay Black is blogging live from Georgia Radio Booth. Check back often for stats and notes during the game. 


10;52 — FINAL SCORE: Georgia 53, Missouri 28

10:52 — Georgia had 701 total yards, but will go back below 700 by taking a couple of knees. Finishes at 696.

10:43 — UGA has 670 total yards, 2nd most in school history.

10:33 –This is Fromm’s first 300 yard passing. He’s 18-for-26 for 326 with two Tds and an INT.

10:30 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Fromm hits Hardman for 59 yards. UGA fails on the 2 point conversion (seriously) it’s 53-28 with 10:27 left.

10:26 — Georgia is over 300 rushing yards again. That’s 732 rush yards in two games.

10:20 — Touchdown Missouri: Lock hits Reese from 27 yards. UGA still leads 47-27 with 12:19 left in the game. 

10:18 — Nizialek punts for the first time tonight. He punted once against Vandy.


10:12 — END OF THIRD QUARTER: Georgia 47, Missouri 21 — Instant analysis: The issue is no longer in doubt and that is what you needed to see from the No. 4 team in the country. Georgia’s offense had some short fields and didn’t quite move at the speed in did in the first half. But it still wracked up 158 total yards to only 21 for Missouri.

The Tigers have not been able to do any besides those two bombs to Hall. Missouri can’t run it and now it can really throw it either. The Tigers had only 8 passing yards in the third quarter. Those are good signs. An upstart hit the Dawgs with a couple of haymakers and now they are getting pounded back into the corner.

UGA still has some issues, especially with some penalties, but they’ve cleaned up the issues defensively and have rushed for over 300 yards again. It’s not a perfect night, but its a very good one.

10:11 — An illegal procedure penalty against Herrien wipes out one of the best runs by Swift. There were cuts, and jumps, & guys falling down.

10:08 — That’s Missouri’s best drive since the touchdown, but the Tigers barley cross midfield before punting back to UGA 6

10:02 — Since Missouri scored their last TD, they have 17 total yards, three punts and a turnover.

10:00 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Sony Michel with a 16 yard run, set up a 71 yard run by Swift. It’s 47-21 with 6:05 left in third. 

9:58 — Tigers go 3-and-out again. UGA gets the ball after a punt at its 18. Dawgs starting to finish this off.

9:51 — That’s a free three points, but Dawgs certainly disappointed they couldn’t move the ball one yard there.

9:48 — FIELD GOAL GEORGIA: Blankenship hits a 27 yarder. He’s 4-for-4. UGA leads 40-21 with 8:26 left in third quarter. 

9:47 — A Mizzou player has hit Nick Chubb late on the last two plays. One he was rushing, the other he wasnt. No flags, but plenty of boos.

9:46 — Missouri’s punter drops the snap and UGA drops him at the Mizzou 10.

9:42 — UGA over 200 rush yards for fifth straight game.

9:38 — FIELD GOAL GEORGIA: Blankenship hits a 29 yarder, his third of the night. UGA leads 37-21 with 10:49 left in third quarter. 


9:12 — HALFTIME: Georgia 34, Missouri 21 — Instant analysis: Yeah there’s a pretty good chance some offensive records are going down tonight. UGA has 407 yards in the first half. The record is 713 vs Florida Atlantic in 2012. Missouri’s defense is pretty poor and Fromm is tearing them up. With the exception of the interception, Fromm hasn’t made any bad throws. He’s 16-for-21 for 250 yards with a TD and a pick. This is a career high in yards and he’s well on his way to break his season’s best in pass attempts (29). We had a few callers on the pre-game show wanting Fromm to throw it more and he has.

After a slow start, UGA’s rushing troubles have evaporated. The Dawgs had 112 rushing yards in the second quarter, with Michel leading the way with 54 yards in the game on six carries. Once again, Georgia’s offensive line has taken control. UGA has had seven drives tonight. They have scored on six of them. The other was the interception.

“We are about getting the ball to start the second half,” Kirby Smart said in his halftime interview on the Georgia Radio Network. “Our offense is playing great. Got to fix some things on defense.”

Yeah about that.

This is the most points Georgia has given up this season and you can thank two bombs to Emanuel Hall for that. Hall, who wasn’t even starting until another player got kicked off the team, has two 63 yard catches tonight. Those 126 yards is by far the most UGA has allowed to a receiver this season (Adams, ND, 60).

For some reason though, Missouri has ran it nearly as much as its thrown it and that’s not working out. The Tigers have 27 rushing yards on 10 carries, while Lock is 9-for-14 for 173 yards with three TDs and an INT. But everything the Tigers have gotten has been on the deep ball. So how do you stop it.

“Stay behind them,” said Smart. “That’s all you can when they are running fast.”

Sounds like good advice.

9:12 — FIELD GOAL GEORGIA: Blankenkship hits a 43 yarder. It’s 34-21 Georgia. 

9;12 —  UGA has 956 total yards in the last six quarters.

9:10 — Georgia with more than 400 total yards in the first half.

9:07 — Biggest hit of the night goes to Sony Michel against a Missouri’s Acy. Lowered his shoulder and knocked Acy out of the game.

9:02 — Tigers go 3 and out there for the first time since the 2nd drive. UGA ball on its 30.

8:57 — Missouri has four first downs and three touchdowns.

8:56 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Fromm runs it in from four yards. Georgia leads 31-21 with 3:53 left in half.

8:52 — Dawgs pick off one of those deep balls. Sanders returns it 18 yards and breaks UGA interception return yardage record.

8:50 — Chuck Dowdle from UGA sidelines says Godwin has gone into the locker room with an injury to his left ribs.

8:48 –This is already Jake Fromm’s 2nd most pass attempts of the season. He’s 14-for-17 for 215 with a TD and INT.

8:48 –TOTAL YARDS: Georgia 322, Missouri 194.

8:47 — FIELD GOAL GEORGIA: Blankenship hits a 37 yarder. It’s 24-21 UGA with 7:01 left half. 

8:43 — Terry Godwin hobbles to the sidelines. UGA fans wanted a late hit.

8:42 — Hall has the most receiving yards against UGA this season (126). Previous high was 60 by Adams of ND.

8:39 — This is the most points Georgia has allowed this season.

8:37 — Touchdown Missouri: Hall again gets behind UGA’s secondary. Another 63 yard catch from Lock. It’s 21-21 with 11:34 in the half. 

8:33 – UGA’s running backs had 10 yards in the first quarter. They had 58 yards on that drive

8:31 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Sony Michel with a 36 yard run. No one close to him. It’s 21-14 Dawgs with 13:24 left in the 2nd. 


8:24 — END OF FIRST QUARTER: Georgia 14, Missouri 14 — Instant analysis: Uh oh. These are the things that upsets are made of. Georgia isn’t running the ball well save an end around TD by Hardman. Jake Fromm committed a killer turnover and Missouri has had some WRs wide open.

This is the recipe that Missouri wants. The Tigers big play offense is legit. Drew Lock had one man wide open on his second drive and missed him. But he didn’t miss Hall for a 63 yard score to tie the game. This is the most points Georgia has allowed in the first quarter all season and it wont take long before this is the most passing yards UGA has allowed.

The Tigers are selling out to stop Georgia’s running backs and its working. Nick Chubb has four yards, Brian Herrien seven yards and Sony Michel -1 yards.

Fromm, save the one pass, has thrown the ball well. 9-for-12 for 142 including a terrific TD pass to Ridley.

Brace your self, this might be a shoot out.

8:23 — That’s the 2nd time a Mizzou WR has been wide open on a deep ball. Lock missed the first but not that one. UGA getting no pressure on him.

8:21 –Touchdown Missouri: Lock hits Hall for 63 yards. He was wide open. It’s 14-14 with 34 seconds left in the first quarter.

8:14 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Fromm with a 19 yard pass to Ridley. His first TD catch of the year. UGA leads 14-7 with 3:16 left in first. 

8:08 — That’s the most points UGA has allowed in the first quarter this season. Only other score was a Notre Dame FG.

8:06 — Touchdown Missouri: Lock hits TE Okwuegunam on a four yard shovel pass. It’s 7-7 with 6:50 left in the first quarter. 

8:04 — Fromm intercepted by a Mizzou LB. Tigers return it to UGA 5.

7:59 –Missouri goes 3 and out again. UGA ball after a punt at its 14.

7:55 — That’s UGA’s longest TD drive of the season. 91 yards.

7:52 –TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Mecole Hardman on an end around. Great block by the fullback Payne. 35 yard run. UGA leads 7-0. 

7:47 — Terry Godwin is the SEC’s leader in yards per catch at 27.25. His first grab on third down goes for 28.

7:44 — Georgia’s D makes sure Mizzou does nothing with the good field position. 3 and out. Dawgs ball after punt at UGA 10.

7:40 — UGA’s shortest kickoff leads to the longest return its allowed all the season. 37 yards to the Mizzou 47.

7:37 p.m.  — Missouri wins the toss. They want the ball.