GAMEDAY LIVE: No. 5 Georgia at Vanderbilt

GAMEDAY LIVE: No. 5 Georgia at Vanderbilt 

Posted: 11:32 am Saturday, October 7th, 2017

By Jay Black

WSB Sports Director Jay Black blogs live from Nashville, so check back often for notes and stats for UGA radio booth. 


3:14 — FINAL SCORE: No. 5 Georgia 45, Vanderbilt 14

3:10 — Georgia now with 401 rushing yards. First time that’s happened since playing Vanderbilt in 1990 (414 yards).

3:02 — Eason with his first completion since the injury. Six yard slant to Holloman

2:55 — Touchdown Vanderbilt: Shurmur hits CJ Duncan on a three yard pass. It’s 45-14 UGA with 9:08 left. 

2:52 — Eason gets clobbered from his blind side, but is moving around fine.

2:50 — And Eason is in, he gets hit, fumbles and Vandy returns it to the one yard line.

2:44 — Jacob Eason has his helmet on, so seems likely he’s coming in.

2:41 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Holyfield with a 15 yard run. His first as a Bulldog. It’s 45-7 with 13:50 left. 

2:37 — Jake Fromm keeps it on a read option on fourth and short and breaks a tackle. to pick up 19 yards.


2:33 — END OF THIRD QUARTER: Georgia 38, Vanderbilt 7: Instant analysis — Georgia outgained Vanderbilt 223-40 in the third quarter. That’s pretty much all you need to know. But we will add the Dawgs outrushed Vandy 172-2.

You now have my permission to walk your dog now (copyright Skip Caray). This is the most dominating performance Georgia’s offensive line has had this season. They should rush for 400 yards without any issue. Michel is up to 150 and Chubb up to 138.

Georgia’s defense clearly got a tongue lashing and is all over Vanderbilt.

There’s nothing more to say. UGA will be 6-0 for the first time since 2005.

2:28 — UGA’s 336 rushing yards is the most for Georgia in an SEC game since at least 2000.

2:22 — FIELD GOAL GEORGIA: Blankenship hits a 27 yarder. UGA leads 38-7 with 3:34 left in third quarter. 

2:20 — This is Georgia’s first 300-yard rushing game since South Carolina last year.

2:16 — That’s the second straight 3 and out for the UGA defense. Much more intense in the second half.

2:11 — This is Sony Michel’s first 100 yard game of the season. 9th of his career.

2:08 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Michel with a 50 yard TD run. Sony now with 142 rushing yards on 11 carries. It’s 35-7 UGA with 10:17 left in third.

2:03 — UGA’s defense forces its first 3-and-out of the game. Good return by Hardman gives Dawgs the ball at its 35.

1:56 –That’s Godwin’s 5th TD catch out of 12 receptions this season.

1:55 — Just a beautiful throw by Fromm. He’s 6-for-8 for 98 yards and two TDs.

1:55 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Fromm to Godwin from 48 yards. Perfect play action pass. UGA leads 28-7 with 13:14 left in third quarter. 


1:28 — END OF FIRST HALF: Georgia 21, Vanderbilt 7.  Instant analysis — Georgia leads 21-7, but we will let Kirby Smart take it from here. “We didn’t play worth a crap on defense. Horrible. They are converting every third down.”

Alrighty then.

Georgia allowed it’s first touchdown in SEC play on the final drive of the half and it came with Kyle Shurmur hitting on three long passes in the drive. The Dawgs have not quite been the same unit that we’ve seen all season long. It doesn’t help that Trenton Thompson, Reggie Carter and Natrez Patrick aren’t here. But it’s been a bit of a sluggish performance.

Vanderbilt had 86 combined rushing yards in its last two games (Alabama and Florida) and has 60 so far in the first half. UGA had defended the pass very well, breaking up several deep balls, but the final drive will have Smart rattling the walls in the UGA locker room.

He will not be yelling at his offense though.

“Offense is carrying the team,” said the coach and the coach is correct. Vanderbilt can’t stop Georgia on the ground. UGA’s offensive line continues to push everybody around and the Commodores are no different. 173 yards with a 7.2 average will do. Nick Chubb is over 100 yards in the first half to go with two scores. Sony Michel is halfway there.

Jake Fromm hasn’t had to throw it much. He’s 5-for-7 for 51 yards on a clutch TD on third down to D’Andre Swift.

It’s the same formula the Dawgs have used for its first five games and it still should be plenty to get out of Nashville with win number six. But it’s not perfection.

1:26 — Touchdown Vandy: 1 yard run by Ralph Webb. First TD UGA has allowed in 163 minutes and 21 seconds. Dawgs still up 21-7 with 28 seconds left

1:21 — This is the first time Vandy has crossed UGA’s 40 today. Kirby Smart let his defense know about it.

1:16 — This is Chubb’s 21st career 100 yard rushing game. He’s got 106 yards on 12 carries.

1:15 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Nick Chubb with a 14 yard run. He’s now over 4,000 career rushing yards. UGA leads 21-0 with 1:58 left in the half. 

1:00 — Vandy drive stalls at midfield. Commodores moving the ball, but not for long. UGA ball at 20 after punt into endzone.

12:56 — Vandy has more rushing yards today (52) than it did in each of its last two games (40 vs Bama, 46 vs UF).

12:49 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Fromm hits D’Andre Swift for a five yard score. UGA leads 14-0 with 13:08 left in second quarter. 


12:39 — END OF FIRST QUARTER: Georgia 7, Vanderbilt 0. — Instant analysis: It is a rainy, windy, gray and kinda sleepy day in Nashville and you could argue, Georgia’s defense was a little slow to get started. Vanderbilt has rushed for 44 yards in the first quarter which is nearly more than it had total in each of its last two games. Ralph Webb has his two longest runs of the season against UGA. But, the Commodores could do nothing with it and have punted with each of its first three drives. Kyle Shurmur has tried to hit on some deep passes, but this UGA secondary has been in perfect position. He’s 4-for-10 for only 36 yards.

Meanwhile, it looks like Georgia is running against nine defenders. Vandy can not stop UGA at all. It’s pretty much the same play too. Georgia ran for 128 yards on 12 carries in the first quarter, that’s almost 11 yards a run. Nick Chubb is already at 75 yards on seven carries.

Georgia’s talent is overwhelming right now, but it’s only 7-0.

12:37 — UGA will get the ball after a terrible 16 yard punt for Vandy. Dawgs ball at VU 45.

12:36 — Parrish nearly picks off a pass, but drops it. UGA great pass coverage with Vandy trying to hit on some bombs.

12:28 — Nothing for the Dawgs on drive two. Fromm throws for the first time and goes 1-for-3. Vandy ball at its 16.

12:25 — Vandy running well but drive bogs down in UGA territory. Dawgs ball at its 21.

12:17 — Chubb is tied with Todd Gurley and Lars Tate for second on UGA’s career rushing TD list.

12:16 — That drive went 7 plays, 83 yards all on the ground.

12:15 — That’s a season long run for Chubb and UGA’s longest TD run of the season.

12:14 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Nick Chubb with a 33 yard run. It’s 7-0 UGA with 7:53 left in first. 

12:08 — Vandy picks up a couple of first downs on its first drive, but is forced to punt near midfield. UGA ball at its 16

12:03 — Vandy’s Webb picks up 11 yards on his first carry.

12:00 p.m. — Vandy wins the toss and they want the ball.

11:39 a.m. — Kirby Smart on the UGA Radio network: Jake Fromm will start for us. He’s done a great job.