GAMEDAY LIVE: No. 7 Georgia at Tennessee

GAMEDAY LIVE: No. 7 Georgia at Tennessee 

Posted: 2:28 pm Saturday, September 30th, 2017

By Jay Black

WSB Sports director Jay Black blogs live from the UGA radio booth at Neyland Stadium. So check back often for notes and analysis while you watch and listen to UGA vs UT.


6:50 — FINAL SCORE: Georgia 41, Tennessee 0. That’s the 800th win in Georgia football history. 

6:40 — FIELD GOAL GEORGIA: David Marvin hits a 20 yard FG. UGA leads 41-0 with 5:34 left. 

6:39 — Eason throws on third down incomplete. He didn’t really look great there.

6:37 — There might be more UGA fans left in the stands now that Tennessee people. It’s cleared out.

6:32 — Jacob Eason is in the game.

6:29 — In case you’re wondering, the last time UGA shutout UT was 44-0 in 1981. Last time anyone shutout UT was UF 31-0 in 1994.

6:22 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Brian Herrien pushes it in from a yard out. Georgia leads 38-0 with 12:00 left. 

6:21 — Things starting to boil over. UT’s Taylor just got tossed for fighting with Jeb Blazevich

6:18 — And now Georgia blocks a punt, or well, Daniel punt it so low, it hit an UT lineman or a Georgia lineman. But its Dawgs ball at UT 25


6:13 — END OF THIRD QUARTER: Georgia 31, Tennessee 0 — Instant analysis: To sum up the mood here, the fans that are staying are booing, but it’s starting to clear out rather quickly. It’s going to be a rough week in Knoxville, because the Vols look terrible and you can thank Georgia’s defense for that. The only thing that has worked for Tennessee today was a 44 yard pass to John Kelly and he fumbled that one fighting for extra yards. The only question now is, can Tennessee get on the scoreboard. It sure doesn’t seem like its going to happen against the starters.

Nick Chubb is over 100 yards for the 20th time in his career and he’s now moved into 10th place in SEC history for career rushing yards. He’s now closing in on 4,000 career yards. After UGA rushed for seven yards in the first quarter, the Dawgs are up to 231 for the game.

Another impressive SEC performance.

6:11 — Tennessee fans cheer with new QB in the game. Jarrett Guarantano is in.

6:08 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Sony Michel with a 21 yard run. It’s 31-0 with 1:04 left in the third quarter. 

6:05 — Tennessee’s 7th punt of the game is by far its worst. UGA ball at its 45. More fans starting to clear out. Those staying are booing.

6:00 — Rushing yards since first quarter: Georgia 181, Tennessee 25

5:54 — Tennessee has four first downs and six punts.

5:53 — Georgia’s drive bogs down on the other side of mid field after the turnover. Tennessee ball at its 12 after the punt.

5:49 — This is the 20th 100 yard rushing game in Nick Chubb’s career.

5:46 — That’s Kelly’s first fumble of the year. UT has four turnovers today.

5:46 — After John Kelly catches a 45 yard pass, Aaron Davis strips the ball while he’s fighting for yards. Recovered by Reed. UGA ball at its 35.

5:38 — Fromm pass to Wims was his first completion since 6:10 left in the first quarter when he hit Wims for a TD.


5:13 — END OF FIRST HALF: Georgia 24, Tennessee 0 — Instant analysis: I think the loudest the Tennessee fans got in the first half was when they booed their team (and more importantly their coach) as it was running off the field. That’s a pretty good sign if you’re a UGA fan.

Georgia’s offense struggled through the first quarter, despite taking a 10-0 lead. They couldn’t run the ball and wasn’t exactly throwing it all that great either. Well the Dawgs still aren’t throwing it all that great. Fromm is 5-for-12 for 62 yards. He did not complete a pass in the second quarter, but I dont think Bulldog Nation is too upset. UGA is a running and a defense team and that’s exactly what we saw in the second period. Nick Chubb started to take over with three great runs to turn the momentum around and he finished with 58 yards in the quarter to get to 75 in the game on 11 carries. Fromm didn’t do much with his arm there, but he sure got it done with his feet. The freshman had a key scramble to keep the third scoring drive alive and then ripped off another one for the TD. Jake followed it up by keeping it on the zone read for the first time for his second rushing TD to put the Dawgs up 24-0.

But UGA’s defense is just dominating Tennessee. While Fromm did not complete a pass in the second quarter, Quinten Dormady was worse. 1-for-4 for minus two yards and an interception. The Vols have three turnovers and Georgia has scored 10 points off the.. John Kelly, the SEC’s leading rusher, has 12 carries for 40 yards, but his longest carry is only 8 yards. He is not a factor.

In fact, no one Tennessee has is a factor on offense right now. The Vols only had 64 total yards in two quarters of football. They did have two sacks and five TFLs, so its defense has tried to hang in there, but UGA’s running game finally took control in the second period and this thing has escalated quickly.

Still, Kirby Smart wants more.

“We’ve got to do a better job in the second half to run the ball and push these guys,” he told the UGA radio network at halftime.

It hasn’t exactly been an offensive game the College Football Hall of Fame will preserve for posterity, but that’s not what this UGA team is about. Tennessee isn’t close to scoring and the Dawgs are finally running the football. It could be a very empty stadium by the time the third quarter is over with.

5:11 — 2nd quarter rush yards: UGA 113, UT 21.

5:06 — Summed up pretty well by Scott Howard  “The silence is deafening”

5:05 –TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Jake Fromm keeps its on the read option for the first time and runs in from four yards. It’s 24-0 with 4:14 left in half

5:00 — Interception Georgia: JR Reed picks off a tipped pass. Baker knocked it up in the air. Dawgs ball at UT 26.

4:59 — Update on Thompson: He’s out of the locker room but not in uniform.

4:56 — That was an 87 yard drive and all of it was on the ground.

4:55 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Jake Fromm runs, yes runs, it in from 9 yards. UGA leads 17-0 with 7:13 left in half. 

4:50 – UGA had 7 rushing yards before this drive. Chubb gets 42 yards on the next three carries.

4:50 — Chuck Dowdle on UGA sidelines reports Trenton Thompson has been taken to the locker room. Under his own power with knee. UGA says he’s “out”

4:47 — TACKLES FOR LOSS: Tennessee 4, UGA 1. SACKS: Tennessee 2, UGA 0.

4:45 — Great coverage by McGhee on third down to force another punt.

4:43 — Nizialek with a 59 yard punt, his longest of the season. UT ball at its 12.

4:41 — Fromm takes one of the biggest hits of his career by UT’s Jumper on that blitz. Empty backfield, Fromm no chance. At least he didnt fumble

4:36 — Tennessee with a bad snap and Lorenzo Carter recovers the fumble. UGA ball on its own 29.

4:34 — Interception Tennessee. Martin picks it off at Georgia 27.


4:30 — END OF FIRST QUARTER: Georgia 10, Tennessee 0. — Instant analysis: For the some reason, that feels like the most unfulfilling 10-0 first quarter lead on the road. The Dawgs took advantage of some terrific field position for both of its scores. But that field position was earned thanks to an interception, great defense and good returns by Mecole Hardman. Fromm has had his struggles with this crowd as UGA has already called a couple of time outs. Still Fromm made the throws necessary to lead UGA to its touchdown. UGA running game is getting nothing though, with only seven rushing yards. The Dawgs defense though is strong as ever, allowing only 47 total yards in the first quarter. Dormady is 2-for-8 for 13 yards. It’s not a pretty 10-0 lead, but it is a 10-0 lead.

4:29 — With :38 seconds left the UT fans start to boo play calling and the decision not to go for it on 4th and 2 at the UGA 46.

4:17 — Reggie Carter is the injured Bulldog.

4:15 — AVG STARTING FIELD POSITION: Georgia – UT 45, Tennessee – Own 23.

4:12 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Fromm hits Wims from 12 yards. Dawgs lead 10-0 with 6:10 left in first quarter. 

4:04 — First 1st down of the game goes to UGA. Fromm hits Godwin for 24 yards on 3rd and 11.

4:03 — Solomon Kindley checks in at guard for the first time today.

4:02 — TOTAL YARDS: Tennessee 9, UGA 7. RUSH YARDS: Tennessee 3, UGA 0.

4:00 — So another 3-and-out. This time for Tennessee. No first downs for either team yet. Another good punt return for Hardman. UGA ball at its 46.

3:55 — UGA can’t do anything with the good field position. 3-and-out with Fromm getting sacked on 1st down. UT gets ball after punt at its 16.

3:50 — Dawgs defense forces a quick 3 and out. Good return by Hardman gives UGA the ball at its 26.

3:44 — FIELD GOAL GEORGIA: Blankenship hits a 38 yarder. UGA leads 3-0 with 13:37 left in first quarter. 

3:42 — First play of the game is an interception by McGhee. UGA ball at UT 18.

3:37 p.m. — UGA calls tails and wins the toss. Dawgs will defer. UT will start the game with the ball.


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