GAMEDAY LIVE: No. 17 Mississippi State at No. 11 Georgia 

Posted: 2:11 pm Saturday, September 23rd, 2017

By Jay Black


WSB sports director Jay Black blogs live from the UGA Radio Booth so check back often during the game while you’re listening to News 95.5 & AM-750 WSB.


10:15 — FINAL SCORE: Georgia 31, Miss State 3

10:15 — Monty Rice with a big hit for a goal line stand to keep MSU out of the end zone.

10:11 — New QB in for MSU. Thompson in for Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald leaves going 14-for-29 for 83 yds and two picks. He rushed 10 times for 47 yards.

10:01 — Refs overturn two flags on UGA on 4th down against MSU. A pass interference and a targeting both picked up. So MSU gets to 8 & doesnt score

9:49 — Chuck Dowdle from UGA sidelines: OL Solomon Kindley taken into the locker room on a cart with a right knee injury.

9:39 — Another 3 and out for MSU. They have 24 total yards since their FG in the second quarter.


9:34 — END OF THIRD QUARTER: Georgia 31, Miss St. 3: Instant analysis — Ok so we are indeed back in blowout territory again. This is has easily been the most dominant a Kirby Smart coached team has looked. UGA’s defense is all over Mississippi State. The other Bulldogs were rushing for nearly 300 yards per game in the first quarter of the season. That average will go down tonight. MSU only has 78 rushing yards tonight, an average of 3.3 per carry. That’s more than acceptable. MSU had 21 yards in the third quarter. That’s also good.

Jake Fromm’s only completion in the quarter has the 41 yard bomb to Isaac Nauta. The Dawgs are averaging  22 yards a catch. Seems they should throw it more. Just kidding.

Nick Chubb finally scored a TD out of the WildDawg, which never works, but worked great on a 28 yard carry.

If this keeps up, UGA is clearly contender.


9:33 — FIELD GOAL GEORGIA: Blankenship hits a 49 yarder right between the eyes. Ties a career high. It’s 31-3 with 52 sec left in third

9:23 — Dominick Sanders intercepts a deflected pass. 15th of his career first of the season. UGA ball at MSU 41.

9:18 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Fromm hits Nauta on a play fake on 3rd and short. He was wide open too. It’s 28-3 with 5:46 left in third. 

9;15 — D’Andre Baker with Georgia’s first interception of the season. UGA was the only team in the SEC without one. UGA ball at midfield.

9:05 — Man, Kirby Smart’s defense is all over the other Bulldogs tonight. Great tackling and tough hits tonight.

8:56 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Nick Chubb scores on a 28 yard run out of the Wilddawg formation. UGA leads 21-3 with 12:24 in the third quarter.

8:54 — That’s Jake Fromm’s first incompletion of the night. He started 8-for-8.


8:29 — END OF FIRST HALF: Georgia 14, Miss St 3: Instant analysis — Well this game was well on its way to blowout city after the first quarter and you could make an argument that if D’Andre Swift does fumble after a catch in the second quarter, this thing is 21-3. Still Georgia should be happy with the way its playing, especially it’s defense. Right coach?

“I don’t know about happy,” Kirby Smart told the UGA radio network at halftime. “That QB is falling forward for extra yards.”

Still though, that QB Nick Fitzgerald only has 30 rushing yards on eight carries at the half. He is picking up quite a few first downs on the ground though. UGA has held the other Bulldogs to 69 rushing yards. JR Reed leads with seven tackles. Lorenzo Carter has had a couple of big hits. I doubt MSU is going to hang 37 points on these defense like it did LSU last week.

As for the Dawgs offense, that fumble really changed things. It’s pretty hard to fault Swift who clearly tackled around his collar, which is a penalty. But the refs didn’t call it and the review was too close to overturn, so a potential third scoring drive was washed away. But Jake Fromm is having a terrific start. He’s 8-for-8 for 160  yards. 20 yards per attempt isn’t too bad. He’s five yards away from his career high.

Terry Godwin has a pretty good chance for his first 100 yard game of his career. He’s got two catches for 80 yards, including that big bomb on the flea flicker to start the game.

“We thought they had some undisciplined eyes in the secondary so we thought we could hit them,” said Smart about that flea flicker.

Godwin has eight catches this season and four TDs. The Dawgs running game is also very solid, but not spectacular. 17 carries for 71 yards, an average of 4.2 is not bad. But the holes have gotten smaller as the game has progressed.

All and all though, UGA fans should be very happy with this first half performance.

8:25 — Field Goal Miss State: Christmann hits a 26 yard FG. It’s 14-3 UGA with 1:14 left in half. 

8:17 — Yards per pass attempt: UGA 20.0, MSU 3.0.

8:16 — First 3 and out of the day for the UGA offense. Good field position for MSU at its 40.

8:11 — So MSU crosses mid field for the first time, but they paid for it. Davis with a big hit on Keith Mixon. MSU punts back to UGA 10.

8:05 — In case you’re wondering: UGA fans say “booo” for the first three plays.

8:04 — D’Andre Swift fumbles after a catch, despite a borderline review. MSU got away with a clear horse collar tackle which is not reviewable.

7:56 — MSU’s best drive of the game goes to their 48 and that’s it. UGA ball after punt to Dawgs 17,


7:48 — END OF FIRST QUARTER: Georgia 14, Miss St. 0 — Instant analsysis: Wow. And that’s it, I think I’m done. But since the boss wants me to write a few paragraphs we will oblige. UGA is certainly ready for this game unlike others in the past. Eric Zeier pointed out early on that there has been wasted motion by the Dawgs. No jawing, no trash talking, no hopping up and down, just business. MSU has been doing that and now the other Bulldogs are down 14-o. In fact, the last time Georgia lead an SEC game 14-0 in the first quarter was 2014 against Kentucky. Jake Fromm has not thrown an incompletion yet (4-for-4 114) and Terry Godwin is starting to emerge as the 5-star stud he was supposed to be. That flea flicker was perfect on every level. Defensively UGA is not fooled by what Dan Mullen does with his QB. MSU has 61 total yards and 27 on the ground. UGA has gotten a couple of good lucks on QB Fitzgerald and he’s a little shaky. A perfect quarter for the Dawgs.

7:42 — Georgia will punt for the first time after drive three stalls at midfield. Great punt down to the MSU 9.

7:38 –That was quick. Other Bulldogs have to punt again. UGA’s D is not confused at all. UGA ball after the punt at its 20

7:33 — Yards per play: Georgia 15.2. Miss State 2.1

7:32 –TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Nick Chubb bounces off a tackler and runs it in from seven yards. It’s 14-0 UGA with 6:16 left in first quarter.

7;26 — Dawgs D all over MSU again. One first down and that’s it. UGA ball after the punt at its 22.

7;25 — That’s the first time Georgia has thrown a TD on the opening play of the game since Charleston Southern in 2014

7:19 — Georgia has scored as many points on one play against MSU as LSU did last week in 60 minutes.

7:16 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Fromm to Godwin on a flea flicker from 59 yards. Wide open. UGA leads 7-0 with 12:37. MSU totally burnt by that fake.

7:14 — 3 and out for MSU. Bulldogs punt. UGA ball at its 41.

7:12 — And so it begins. Big hit by L Carter on a swing pass. And a false start on Miss St. on the next play.

7:08 p.m.  — Georgia wins the toss and will defer. MSU ball to start.