GAMEDAY LIVE: No. 15 Georgia vs No. 24 Notre Dame 

Posted: 6:58 pm Saturday, September 9th, 2017

By Jay Black

The view from the UGA radio booth right before kickoff.

Georgia travels to Notre Dame for the first time in school history. WSB sports director Jay Black is blogging live from Notre Dame stadium, so check back often.


11:20 — FINAL SCORE: Georgia 20, Notre Dame 19

11:19 — Davin Bellamy forces a fumble, recovered by Lorenzo Carter. UGA ball on Irish 25. Victory formation.

11:16 — Good punt by Nizialek of 48 yards pushes ND back to its 19. Irish ball with 1:57 left down 20-19 and zero time outs.

11:15 — Christian Payne fails to pick up the first down on third and two. He’s just short. Ball at UGA 35 on fourth down. 2:04 left.

11:10 — Sony Michel is on the trainers table with trainers taping his right ankle.

11:08 — UGA’s defense does exactly what is asked. Three plays. No yards. Punt. Dawgs ball at 25 with 3:08 left.

11:02 — FIELD GOAL GEORGIA: Rodrigo Blankenship hits a 30 yard FG. UGA leads 20-19 with 3:34 left in the game. 

11:01 — Sony Michel limps off the field.

10:58 — That is the 6th 3 and out UGA’s defense has forced. Dawgs ball down one from their 25.

10:52 — UGA does not answer the field goal, going 3 and out for 0 yards. ND ball at its 25. 8:30 left.

10:48 — Field goal Notre Dame: Yoon hits his fourth field goal. This is a 28 yarder. It’s 19-17 Irish with 10:21 left in the fourth quarter. 

10:44 — This is the most penalty yards for UGA since 132 against UF in 2012.


10:35 — END OF THIRD QUARTER: Georgia 17, Notre Dame 16 — Instant analysis: UGA has committed 112 yards in penalties. They’ve had two turnovers. They are 3-for-12 on third downs and 1-for-10 on third downs longer than one yard. They’ve missed field goals and dropped touchdown passes. And yet the Dawgs lead the Irish 17-16. That can’t be understated. Georgia should be dominating this game, but they aren’t losing it. You can thank UGA’s defense for that. The Dawgs D has allowed 202 total yards and only 32 on the ground. A reminder ND rushed for more than 400 yards last week and they are averaging 1.1 yards per carry. QB Wimbush has -6 yards on 12 carries while Josh Adams is at 37 on 14 carries.

Georgia’s offensive has struggled some in pass protection, but are slowing starting to win the battle in the run game. UGA rushed for 78 yards on the third quarter. Sony Michel is up to 67 yards on 11 carries, while Chubb has 49 yards on nine carries. D’Andre Swift had a game-turning 40 yard run to set up the go-ahead score. In a game where Jake Fromm is doing very little, UGA is winning this with its defense.

10:35 — UGA has now committed 11 penalties for 111 yards. ND 7-for-58.

10:33 — UGA does nothing with the turnover and punts it back to ND to their 16 yard line.

10:31 — Third quarter rushing yards: Georgia 78, ND 5

10:30 — Mecole Hardman drops a bomb that might have been a TD, or down to the five. Then UGA commits its 9th penalty for 91 yards.

10:28 — Lorenzo Carter with a sack and a fumble. UGA ball at its 47 yard line. First defensive takeaway for the Dawgs.

10:23 — That’s Notre Dame’s first third down conversion of the game. They were 0-for-10.

10:21 — Rushing: UGA 158 yards on 30 carries (5.3 avg), long 40. ND 34 yards on 22 carries (1.5 avg), long 7.

10:17 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Sony Michel with a run through a huge hole from seven yards. UGA leads 17-16 with 4:34 in third quarter. Dawgs first lead of the game.

10:16 — Swift’s 39 yard run is the longest play of the game for either team.

10:13 — UGA is 1-for-9 on third downs longer than one yard.

10:09 — That’s the second sack for ND, but they’ve missed a few too. UGA OL getting whipped.

10:07 — ND scoring drives: 53 yards, 32 yards, 40 yards, 33 yards.

10:04 — Field goal Notre Dame: Yoon hits a 37 yarder. His third FG of the game. Irish lead 16-10 with 6:22 left in third quarter.

10:02 — Technically ND is 0-for-9 on third downs. But that is the 2nd time the Irish have moved the chains because of a UGA penalty.

10:01 — ND’s QB Wimbush ran for 106 yards on 12 carries last week vs Temple. This week he has 3 yards on 8 carries.

9:56 — Fourth three and out for UGA. Fromm under serious pressure again and is forced to scramble for a yard. ND ball at its 48.

9:53 — Notre Dame is now 0-for-9 on third downs. Irish punt it back to UGA at the Dawgs 13.

9:49 — Rodrigo Blankenship misses a 44 yard FG. Dawgs still trail 13-10.


9:20 — HALFTIME: Notre Dame 13, Georgia 10 — Instant analysis: Is it just me, or does it feel like UGA should be winning this game? Georgia’s defense is playing terrific, allowing 141 total yards in the first half. The Irish have only rushed for 27 yards on 18 carries. ND QB Brandon Wimbush is 9-for-16 for 114 yards. But he’s hit on three passes of 29 yards or more, which have set up both of the Irish TDs. ND hasn’t converted a third down. So A- or B+ for UGA’s defense.

On the other hand. the Jake Fromm for Hall of Fame movement has stalled a bit here in Indiana. The freshman, making his first career start and doing it under the lights at Notre Dame Stadium, has been pretty mediocre so far. He hit on one long pass to Terry Godwin and every thing else has been pretty short. Fromm is 8-for-15 with a killer fumble on the exchange to Nick Chubb and an interception that didn’t amount to anything. Fromm does have one TD pass and it was on an amazing one-handed catch by Terry Godwin. Catch of the season type stuff.

The Dawgs running game has been alright, especially considering the Irish aren’t scared of Fromm at all. Nick Chubb popped a 30 yard run to set up the first score.  He’s at 40 yards on seven carries. Sony Michel is right behind with six carries for 35 yards. UGA’s young offensive line is not playing bad against an pretty average ND defense. The Dawgs are getting 4.3 yards on the ground, but have not allowed a sack. UGA’s defense has recorded one.

A+ for the UGA fans that are here. It has a bowl game feel too it. In my seven years working with UGA radio I’ve never seen anything like it. I doubt those that have been with the program 30 years have either.

Not the prettiest first halves, but a tight game is setting up for a terrific finish. After years of building, I think we deserve that.

9;20 — UGA survives the interception and forces a punt. Downed at the ND 5 to end the half.

9:15 — Jake Fromm throws an interception at the ND 46 yard line with 26 seconds left in half.

9:14 — UGA ball after the punt at its 44. 1:48 left in half.

9:13 — Irish are now 0-for-7 on third downs.

9:12 — Third 3 and out for UGA’s offense. But Nizialek gets a 56 yard punt, with mostly roll, and lands at the 11 of ND.

9:07 — Wimbush has 3 completions of 29 yards or more. Other 3 completions are for 5 yards or less.

9:05 — Field Goal Notre Dame: Yoon hits a 42 yarder. ND leads again 13-10 with 4:14 left in half.

9:02 — UGA wins another review after CJ Sanders 100 yard return is called back because his elbow hit the ground.

8:56 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Terry Godwin with an amazing one handed TD catch. UGA fans going nuts it’s 10-10 with 6:45 left in half. 

8:45 — Christian Payne, the fullback, gets the carry to convert the first third down of the game.

8:43 — Rushing: UGA 9 carries for 34 yards. 3.8 avg. Long 30. ND: 14 carries for 18 yards. Avg. 1.3. Long 5.

8:40 — TOUCHDOWN NOTRE DAME: Wimbush with a one yard run. Irish lead 10-3 with 12:24 left in first half.

8:36 — That was UGA’s first turnover against ND. The Dawgs won that stat 4-0 in the 1981 Sugar Bowl.

8:34 — Fromm and Chubb fumble the exchange and ND recovers at the UGA 32.

8:29 — Both teams are each officially 0-for-4 on third downs.


8;26 — END OF FIRST QUARTER: Georgia 3, Notre Dame 3 — Instant analysis: First off, the Bulldog Nation invasion is complete and they did extremely well. I’d say 20K is a pretty good guess. That’s at least a quarter of the stadium. Maybe more. UGA’s defense is starting to control this thing. After giving up 43 yards on the first two drives, they’ve allowed three on the next two and no first downs. The Irish have 12 yards on 10 carries on week after rushing for about a million yards against Temple.

For UGA, a couple of penalties on the first drive of the game — including a holding on the kickoff — were killers. Jake Fromm is 4-for-8 for 53 yards. Nick Chubb had a 30 yard run that set up a field goal, but UGA has wasted some good field position. Irish starting to load up the box.

8:23 — ND goes 3 and out again. But Godwin lost five yards on the return so UGA ball at 23

8:19 — Dawgs waste great field position. Goes 3 and out. ND ball at its 13.

8:15 — ND is swallowed up on third drive. Irish go 3 and out for minus one yard. UGA fans chanting U-G-A. Dawgs ball at UGA 40.

8:09 — FIELD GOAL GEORGIA: Blankenship hits a 27 yarder. It’s 3-3 with 6:36 left in first quarter. 

8:07 — Terry Godwin with a huge leaping catch at the ND 12. 34 yard pass.

8:05 — First UGA called run is 30 yards for Chubb.

8:04 — Dawgs D gives up nothing on second series. ND punts into the end zone. UGA ball at 20.

7:59 — UGA four penalties for 50 yards. ND zero for zero.

7:56 — From scrambles for his life and runs out of bounds on third down. UGA has to punt. Two holding penalties killed that drive. ND ball at 32.

7:53 — Jake Fromm completes his first two passes. That’s the UGA completion record vs Notre Dame. Buck Belue completed one pass in 1980.

7:51 — Ejliah Holyfield nearly busted a huge return, but holding against UGA brings it back to UGA 18.

7:49 – FIELD GOAL NOTRE DAME: Yoon hits a 39 yard FG. Irish lead 3-0 with 12:48 left in first quarter.

7:47 — Notre Dame gets the first, first down of the game on a UGA pass interference.

7:45 p.m. — Irish go with the flee-flicker. UGA was beat but Dominick Sanders recovers to break it up.

7:42 p.m. — UGA calls tails and wins. They will defer to second half. ND gets the ball.

7:42 p.m. — Pretty special scene here as UGA takes the field for the first time at Notre Dame Stadium. Giant Dawgs crowd.