GAMEDAY LIVE: Appalachian State vs No. 15 Georgia 

Posted: 1:33 pm Saturday, September 2nd, 2017

By Jay Black

Jacob Eason was injured in the first quarter and has not returned.

If you can’t listen to the game, check back here throughout for updates from WSB’s Jay Black as he blogs live from the UGA radio booth.


9:35 — FINAL SCORE: Georgia 31, App State. 10

9:34 — Field goal App State: Michael Rubino hits a 43 yarder. It’s 31-0 with 26 seconds left. 

9:25 — Evidently you can’t save your timeouts in this sport, so App State is going to use theirs down 24 with 1:55 left.

9:14 — Touchdown App State: Lamb with a 20 yard run. It’s 31-7 UGA with 5:41 left.

9:10 — Jake Fromm leaves to a nice hand. Brice Ramsey is in.

9:03 — App State: 92 rushing yards. 100 penalty yards.

9:00 — Meanwhile transfer punter Cameron Nizialek is averaging 43.8 per punt with two inside the 20. He’s getting it done.


8:51 — END OF THIRD QUARTER: Georgia 31, App State 0. Instant analysis — Georgia rushed for 88 yards in the first quarter and allowed 15. We can pretty much stop there. But we wont. It’s hard to have many complaints about this one through three quarters, which is hard to believe in a game where Jacob Eason needed two people to help him off the field. Jake Fromm clearly has played great, but UGA is taking over on the ground. Nick Chubb had 68 yards in that quarter and is closing in on his 18th 100 yard game. Sony Michel is up to 87 yards on the ground.

Meanwhile UGA’s defense isn’t allowing the Mountaineers to do anything. This is how an SEC should look against a team from the Sun Belt, even if its a good team from the Sun Belt.

8:51 — Now App State at 10 penalties for 100 yards.

8:48 — Rodrigo Blankenship has terrific on kickoffs. Only one has been returned today.

8:42 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Nick Chubb from 8 yards out right up the middle. UGA leads 31-0 with 1:31 left in third quarter.

8:41 — On fourth down, Fromm hits Javon Wimms for 22 yards. UGA now at the 9.

8:39 — Chubb up to 86 rushing yards. Closing in on his 18th 100 yard game.

8:29 — FIELD GOAL GEORGIA: Blankenship hits a 23 yard. UGA leads 24-0 with 7:18 left in the third.

8:24 — App State 9 penalties for 95 yards.

8:19 — App State gets nothing out of its first drive. 3 and out. UGA ball at its 34 yard line.


7:55 — HALFTIME: Georgia 21, App State 0. Instant analysis: Just when you think you think you’ve got college football figured out, things change. For all the UGA fans who were saying that Jake Fromm was better than Eason, you have the upper hand right now. As soon as Fromm came in the game, it seemed like someone well on the fast forward button on the Tivo. The freshman from Houston County stepped on the gas and let everyone know he’s not playing.

Three TDs in five drives. 8-for-12 for 109 yards with a TD. He went five for his last six for 88 yards. It’s the fastest I’ve seen a UGA offense move in the seven years I’ve been working with the radio crew. Kirby Smart told Chuck Dowdle on UGA radio at the half that “we wanted to go up tempo with the other guy (Eason) but couldn’t get anything going.

As for Eason, Smart says, “He has a knee sprain, we think he can be back but we aren’t sure when.”

On the ground, Sony Michel looks terrific. 8 carries for 71 yards and a powerful TD. He looks like the number one back right now. Nick Chubb had a nice 23 yard run but not much else. He also has a score though.

UGA’s young offensive line has allowed one sack so far and doesn’t look too bad. They doing what they should do against a smaller App. State front.

The Dawgs defense is also controlling this game. The only that’s working so far for the Mountaineers is the QB read by Taylor Lamb. He’s got 8 carries for 40 yards and that includes losing 22 on a fumble. 1400 yard rusher Jalin Moore picked up 22 yards on a draw to end the half that UGA gave him. Otherwise he has been irrelevant. Trenton Thompson leads with five tackles and a sack. Transfer DB JR Reed has four tackles and a sack in his first game and also forced a fumble. That seems to be a nice find from Tulsa.

Bottom line, the blowout potential is high here.

7:48 — Dawgs final drive of the half goes 3 and out. Only 40 seconds left. App State ball at its 31.

7:43 — UGA TD drives: 1:25, 2:10, 1:07. There is 1:37 left in half.

7:36 — That’s App State’s only offense right now. Two long runs by QB Lamb.

7:32 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Sony Michel out of the Wilddawg takes a hit and runs it in for the score from 6 yards. It’s 21-0 with 6:58 in the half. 

7:29 — Fromm is 5 for last 5 for 88 yards, 3 first downs and a TD. And UGA ‘s offense is flying as fast as it has in years.

7:23 — App State goes for it on fourth down and fails. UGA ball at its 43.

7:20 — App State’s Ike Lewis with the catch of the season. One handed grab on third down. Mountaineers into UGA territory.

7:14 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Fromm hits Javon Wims for a 34 yard TD. UGA leads 14-0 with 10:40 left in the half. 


7:02 — END OF FIRST QUARTER: Georgia 7, App State 0.  Instant analysis — Well that changed quickly didn’t it? For all the pre-season hype about Jake Fromm, who was never really expected to play much this season, now he’s here and he might be a stud. With Eason out there, Georgia’s offense picked up right where it left off last season. Very mediocre. Eason was 1-for-3 for four yards. But the sophomore took a late hit scrambling out of bounds and fell to the turf. In comes Fromm and up goes UGA. Fromm is 5-for-8 for 62 yards and Jim Chaney is pushing the tempo.

Defensively Taylor Lamb broke off a big run, but transfer DB JR Reed forced a fumble on the next play and ended that drive. Outside of that, UGA’s defense is the boss over the Mountaineers.

6:59 — Fromm 5-for-8 for 62 yards.

6:59 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Nick Chubb with a one yard run. UGA 7, App State 0 with 39 seconds left in first. 

6:54 — Trent Thompson gets his first sack of the year. UGA ball at App State 39 after punt.

6:53 — Chuck Dowdle on UGA sidelines: Official word on Eason is a left injury. He is “out for now.”

6:51– Fromm throws an incompletion on third down. UGA fans wanted pass interference. Didn’t get it.

6:49 — UGA going at a much quicker pace with Fromm in there.

6:47 — Fromm completes his first pass to Nauta and then hits Hardman for a first down.

6:47 — But UGA goes into a Wild Dawg with Michel. It gets nothing.

6:44 –Eason not walking on off his own power. Two trainers have to help him off.

6;42 — Late hit on Eason while he’s running out of bounds. Flag thrown. Eason goes down. Jake Fromm comes in.

6:40 — Dawgs defense forces another punt. Total yardage midway through the first quarter. App State 33, UGA 4

6:36 — New UGA DB JR Reed forces a fumble but App State recovers after a loss of 22.

6:35 — First first down of the game goes to App State on a 32 yard run by QB Lamb.

6:34 — Eason takes his first sack of the year. Dawgs punt again after another 3 and out. App Stater ball at its 20. 54 yard punt by Nizialek.

6:28 — Ditto for the Dawgs first defensive possession. App state goes 3 and out.

6:26 — First drive of the season for UGA goes 3 and out.

6:24 — First play of the season is a -4 yard run for Chubb

6:20 p.m. — App state wins the toss and defers to second half. So UGA will get the ball