Bulldog Nation finds new QB to fawn over after G-Day 

Posted: 6:37 pm Saturday, April 22nd, 2017

By Jay Black

ATHENS — Oh how quickly college football fans fall in love.

They tweet, they write, they post, they read and talk about their man. A bright shiny quarterback with long,flowing locks and an arm that’s been replaced with a bazooka.

Aww. Puppy love.

“I love him forever and always,” they write in the diaries before dreaming of their man hoisting a trophy high above his head.

Nothing can go wrong.

Until that trophy is the Liberty Bowl Trophy. And thy love is not so sweet and thy eye thou wanders. I think Shakespeare wrote about it or something.

Then they find another. With a similar name and similar skills.

And the affection floats from the sophomore to the freshman.

“I really like Jake Fromm,” said one UGA fan from Dallas, Georgia. “I didn’t like Eason all that much at the end of the season. I think Fromm is capable of taking the job.”

Just a reminder, Jacob Eason was the best quarterback in the country one year ago and the anointed savior of this program.

“I had high expectations for Jake Fromm,” said another Dawg fan, who drove seven hours from Florida. “He’s the real deal.”


Jake Fromm threw for two TDs and no INTs in his first G-Day Game

Jake Fromm, freshman, Houston County, Georgia. Another QB everybody in the country would have happily taken. The man Kirby Smart has talked about as soon as the NCAA said it was legally possible. He makes his debut as an early-enrollee freshman and plays very well in the Georgia Spring Scrimmage Spectacular.

Make no mistake, this kid is good. 14-for-23 for 277 with 2 TDs and no picks. His command and technique are above his grade level.

He won 25-22. The Red Team defense might have had a bunch of sacks, but no matter.

Oh how quickly we fall in love.

Even the guy who has the job Fromm is impressed. Or just said the right things.

“Jake did a good job,” said Jacob Eason. “All of the (freshman) fit in well.”

The battle is on.

“I think Fromm’s got Eason beat right now,” added a young man from Loganville.

Whoa nelly!!!! That’s far enough. While Fromm’s performance is better than most, his opponents today are not exactly better than most he will eventually need to beat, because they aren’t even better than most on their own team.

Fromm played for the Red Team in this G-Day, which is the second-string offense facing the second-string defense.  Reggie Carter and Lorenzo Carter were not his problem.

“I think they both came out today, played hard and competed,” said Kirby Smart of his only two scholarship QBs, grabbing a line from his standard quote book.

“Jacob (Eason) was the quarterback last year, but if Jake comes in the fall and plays well I think it will be open for either of them.”

No offense Mr. Smart, but I’ll believe that when Amy Adams calls me up for a date.

Jacob Eason must be Georgia’s leader in 2017 if it is to be successful.

Seriously? Everybody hates Skinny QB now? Things have turned that fast?

We don’t have a QB controversy in Athens, do we?

“We don’t,” said UGA color analyst and former stud QB Eric Zeier. “Number 10 is the guy, he’s going to be the guy.”

Bottom line, if Jake Fromm plays 20 meaningful snaps for the Dawgs in 2017 something went really, really wrong.

I’m not knocking the kid, he looked really good in front of more than 66-thousand people.

“He was in control of the offense, technically he’s very sound,” said Zeier. “He’s going to be very good down the road. But there is no QB controversy.”

Jake Fromm will not decide the fate of this team this fall. Unless it’s between the Independence Bowl and the Birmingham Bowl. If you’ve forgotten the reason you’ve soured on Eason, it’s because true freshman and SEC defenses don’t go well together.

Smart seemed very pleased with this exhibition. Plays were made. The first-string defense dominated Georgia’s in-progress starting offensive line and gave Eason all the trouble he could handle. Great for the D, not great for the line.

UGA needs to find improvement at receiver and Tyler Simmons (114 yards), JJ Holloman (freshman, 77 yards), Terry Godwin (130 yards) and Javon Wims (96 yards) all did themselves proud today.

Another true freshman Richard LeCounte led the second-stringers with nine tackles and could start in the fall.

There’s nothing wrong with a freshman getting a lot of playing time at nickleback or receiver. But something will have gone catastrophically wrong if another true freshman plays a lot at quarterback.

Love is weird. Love is strange. Love comes and love goes.

If all goes well for the Dawgs in 2017, it’s because Jacob Eason will show Bulldog Nation how to love again.