Posted: 11:44 am Friday, December 30th, 2016

By Jay Black


3:22 — FINAL SCORE: Georgia 31, TCU 23

3:18 — D’Andre Baker breaks up the pass on fourth down and UGA gets the ball back with 1:14 to go.

3:09 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Nick Chubb with a 13 yard run. Georgia leads 31-23 with 2:48 left.

3:08 — 5th 100 yard rushing game for Nick Chubb this year and 18th of his career.

3:02 — Trenton Thompson 3 sacks and 3.5 TFLs. A huge one on third down pushing TCU out of easy field goal range and Horned Frogs miss a 47 yarder.

2:43 — FIELD GOAL GEORGIA: Blankenship with a 30 yard field goal. UGA leads 24-23 with 13:27 left.

2:42–TCU sacks Eason on third down, Georgia will have to settle for a field goal attempt.


2:36 — END OF THIRD QUARTER: TCU 23, Georgia 21. Instant analysis: Well Georgia is starting to move the ball a little bit now. The Dawgs had 119 yards in the third quarter, and finally got the run game going with a 48 yard run by Nick Chubb that has the Dawgs on the verge of taking the lead. Georgia scored a TD on its other drive of the quarter, but needed a fake field goal to do it. The Dawgs got the ball thanks to a big forced fumble by Lorenzo Carter who has two of the day.

Georgia is still having trouble containing QB Kenny Hill who has rushed for 70 yards on 14 carries while throwing for 94. Third quarter was much more entertaining than the first two.

2:36 — Chubb with a 48 yard run, goal to go now for Georgia.

2:30 — Touchdown TCU: John Diarse with a terrific catch on a nine yard pass. TCU leads 23-21 with 2:07 left in the third quarter.

2:14 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Eason hits Javon Wims on a four yard pass. Wims first TD as a Bulldog. UGA leads 21-16 with 7:08 left in third.

2:11 — Brice Ramsey picks up the first down on a fake field goal with an 11 yard run. Eason is usually the holder.

2:07 — Great awareness by Eason to keep that play alive and run for the first down.

2:05 p.m. —  Dominick Sanders recovers a fumble after a long TCU run. Carter forced his second fumble. UGA ball at its 48.


1:39– END OF FIRST HALF: TCU 16, Georgia 14: Instant analysis — Trenton Thompson and Lorenzo Carter have made two of the biggest plays so far for Georgia to keep the Dawgs in this Liberty Bowl. Following Kenny Hill’s longest run of the season, Thompson sacked Hill two plays later which derailed a drive that had to could have put the Dawgs in a 16 point hole. UGA answered with its best offensive drive of the day, ending with a Sony Michel 33 yard TD catch.

On the following drive, a big kickoff return on the other side of mid field gave TCU another opportunity to get points, but Lorenzo Carter forced a fumble on a Kenny Hill scramble, keeping the score at 16-14.

It feels like UGA’s defense is hanging on for dear life, but Georgia is actually out gaining the Horned Frogs 204-175. The Dawgs offense finally got something going in the second quarter, but it is still struggling to run the football. Nick Chubb has 13 yards on six carries, while Michel has 29 yards on seven carries. Eason is 9 of 16 for 155 yards. McKenzie is over 100 yards  for the first time since the Missouri game.

“We have to run the ball, loosen things  up and get our play makers the ball,” Kirby Smart told the UGA radio network.

TCU’s Hill is the game’s leading rusher with 55 yards on 11 carries.

It’s been a feast or famine day for Georgia’s offense so far, with five 3-and-outs and a turnover. But the Dawgs are only down two and are keeping this fast-paced TCU offense in check. UGA might be fortunate to still be in the game, but it is still in the game.

1:39 — Blankenship misses a 53 yard field goal to end the half and it wasn’t even close.

1:36 — Carter with a big forced fumble on a Hill scramble. UGA ball at its 45 with 30 seconds left.

1:33 — Michel’s first TD catch of season.

1:32 p.m. — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Michel with a 33 yd catch. Big juke and big hit for Sony to get into the end zone. TCU leads 16-14 with 1:13 in half.

1:21 — TCU misses a 41 yard field goal. UGA hanging around, down 16-7 with 5:25 left in half. Big stop for Dawgs D.

1:18 — Guess what, another 3 and out for Georgia. They got close though, but an Eason scramble came up a half yard short. TCU ball at its 35.

1:14 — UGA with 103 total yards. 75 percent of it on the 77 yard pass from Eason to McKenzie.

1:13– Touchdown TCU: John Diarse with a 10 yard catch from Hill. Frogs lead 16-7 with 9:15 left in 2nd quarter.

1:08 — Georgia burns its last time out challenging an incomplete pass by TCU. Dawgs thought it was a lateral.

1:04 — UGA drives: Four 3-and-outs, a lost fumble and a TD. TCU has three 3-and-outs.

1:01 — Fourth 3 and out for UGA. Short Ramsey punt gives TCU ball at the UGA 45.

1:00 — Chubb six yards on five carries. Long of 2.

12:57 — UGA’s defense steps up and forces a 3 and out. Dawgs ball at its 10.

12:49 — UGA only gets two yards on its first drive of the quarter. Another punt. TCU ball at its 45


12:44 — END OF FIRST QUARTER: TCU 9, Georgia 7: Instant analysis: Well that escalated pretty quickly. TCU went 3 and out on its first two drives with only six total yards. Then Georgia chose to punt on fourth and 1 at its own 45 and then the TCU offense clicked into  high gear. QB runs, short passes, option runs. UGA was fortunate to hold the Frogs to a field goal on a 14 play drive. However, TCU hit pay dirt two plays after an Eason fumble. The Dawgs need the offense to put together a long drive to get a breather. Outside of a 77 yard pass to McKenize, UGA’s offense hasn’t  done much. UGA has 17 yards on 9 carries.

12:42 — Touchdown TCU: Kenny Hill runs it in from the 10 yard line on a QB draw. XP hits the post, so it’s 9-7 TCU with 2 seconds left in first

12:40 — Call stands so TCU ball at UGA 21

12:39 — Eason is hit as he throws and loses the fumble. But its under review.

12:38 — TCU’s offense had UGA on skates but Dawgs bow up in red zone. Thompson had pressure on Hill to force grounding on third down.

12:37 — Field goal TCU: Hatfield hits a 40 yard FG. Dawgs lead 7-3 with 44 seconds left in first quarter.

12:25 — Dawgs cant do much with decent field pos and go 3-and-out. TCU ball at its 12 after punt,

12:22– TCU goes 3 and out again. UGA ball at its 35.

12:16 – Drive was set  up by 77 yard pass from Eason to McKenzie. Longest pass of the season for UGA and a career long catch by McKenzie.

12:17 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA. Four yard run by Michel. UGA leads 7-0 with 9:32 left in first.

12:14 — Chubb passes Todd Gurley to become the 2nd all time leading rusher in UGA history. Still a ways to go to catch you know who for No. 1

12:09 — TCU also goes 3 and out on its first drive. McKenzie hit after the punt on the UGA 13. 0-0 with 12:27 left in 1st quarter.

12:06 — Dawgs throw it on 3rd-and-1 and fails. 3-and-out for UGA. Ramsey’s punt out at TCU 35. 31 yard punt.

12:01 p.m. — TCU wins the toss and defers. Georgia ball