GAMEDAY LIVE: Georgia Tech vs Georgia 

Posted: 11:55 am Saturday, November 26th, 2016

By Jay Black


3:11 — Georgia Tech plants its flag at midfield as Tech players jump up and down on the Georgia G. Dawgs blow a 13 point lead in the 4th quarter.

FINAL SCORE: Georgia Tech 28, Georgia 27

3:04 — Touchdown Georgia Tech: Searcy with a 6 yd run. It was a halfback pass, but Searcy runs up the middle for the score. Tech leads 28-27 with 30 seconds left. 

3:00 — 13 tackles for Roquan Smith a career high

2:53 — Eason throws an interception on a deflected pass. Jackets ball at the UGA 46. 3:39 left. UGA leads 27-21.

2:47 — Sony Michel with 168 rushing yards now a career high.

2:43 — Touchdown Georgia Tech: Jackets go 94 yards and finish with a five yard TD run by Mills. UGA leads 27-21 with 6:28 left. 

2:41 –Tech now with 305 total yards. 157 rushing, 148 passing.

2:38 — Tech with 62 yards on two throws to dig out of a hole and get to the UGA 35. UGA still leads 27-14 with 8:14 left.

2:34 — Georgia can do nothing with the great field position. Dawgs go 3 and out for the first time. Tech ball at the 6.

2:27 — Tech goes for it on fourth down at midfield and David Marshall with a stop in the backfield. Dawgs ball at its 49.


2:18 — END OF THIRD QUARTER: Georgia 27, Georgia Tech 14. Instant analysis — You could argue that Georgia should be very disappointed by leaving a bunch of points on the field in the third quarter. The Dawgs scored 13 points, but had two short field goals.

However, Tech had only one third down in the third quarter and was out gained by Georgia 129-21. The talent level looked fairly even in the first quarter, but Georgia has slowly showed it’s dominance on defense as it figures out Tech’s option.

Sony Michel is just a few yards away from a career high. He’s at 161 rush yards while Nick Chubb is up to 83. If this is their final game in Sanford Stadium, it’s a pretty good one.

But, Tech can score two TDs in a hurry if the Dawgs make mistakes. But so far, Georgia is the better team.

2:18 — This is the second time this season Georgia has scored three times in one quarter. The other was the third quarter against Nicholls.

2:15 — FIELD GOAL GEORGIA: Blankenship hits a 32 yarder. Georgia leads 27-14 with 26 seconds left in third.

2:06 — Michel 157 rushing yards. Chubb 78. Tech’s Lynch leads with 42 yards (all on one carry).

2:04 — Georgia with 235 rushing yards (7.3 avg). Tech has 128 on the ground (6.4 avg).

2:02 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Nick Chubb with a three yard run. Georgia leads 24-14 with 7:30 left in the third quarter. 

1:58 — Tech’s first three drives: TD, Punt, TD, 165 yards. Next three drives – INT, FUMB, Punt. 34 yards.

1:57 — That is the first 3 and out for either team.

1:55 — Davis on a safety blitz sacks Thomas. Big loss on third down for Tech. Jackets go 3-and-out for the first time today. UGA ball at its 33

1:51 — Dawgs have to feel a bit disappointed with another red zone field goal off a turnover. But they have the lead.

1:49 –FIELD GOAL GEORGIA: Blankenship hits a 27 yarder. Georgia leads 17-14 with 12:01 left in third quarter. 

1:45 — Looks like Roquan Smith caused the fumble.

1:45 — Sanders recovers a fumble for Georgia at the GT 28.

1:43 p.m. — UGA with a good special teams play to start second half. GT ball at its 16.


END OF FIRST HALF: Georgia 14, Georgia Tech 14: Instant analysis — Yeah it’s going to be one of those Georgia-Georgia Tech games. UGA is out rushing Georgia Tech 175-115. The Dawgs have closed the gap in yards per rush, averaging exactly seven yards per carry to Tech’s 7.7. Both teams are trying to make adjustments, but the offenses are overwhelming at this point.

“They had some different blocking schemes that we didn’t show our kids,” said Kirby Smart. “We made some adjustments and hopefully it helps in the 2nd half.”

Georgia did improve some in the second quarter. It allowed 87 rushing yards in the first frame and 28 in the second quarter. So that’s a start. However, Justin Thomas big throw to Brad Stewart to open the second quarter was a killer to set up the second score.

There’s a pretty good chance Georgia will have two 100 yard rushers again. Sony Michel is already there with 117 yards on 12 carries. Chubb has 58 yards on 13 carries.

This one is sort of living up to the hype right now. Georgia is taking advantage of a weak Tech defensive line, while the Jackets are having success against a UGA defense that hasn’t faced it’s option offense much.

Now, who makes the quickest corrections in the second half.

1:15 — Third pick of the season and 12 of the year for Sanders. He’s now the team leader.

1:14 — Dominick Sanders with the interception for UGA. Dawgs ball at the UGA 9 with 56 second left.

1:04 — McKenzie talks trash and is hit with a flag. So was another UGA player, but refs got # wrong. And Tech’s Austin. So it all never happened.

1:03 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Eason with a six yard pass to McKenzie. It’s 14-14 with 5:04 left in the half. 

12:59 — It took until 5:51 left in the second quarter for the pushing and shoving to start.

12:58 — A Nick Chubb TD is taken off the board by a holding against Wynn. 2nd and goal back to the 12.

12:56 — Michel over 100 yards now. 9 carries for 102.

12:55 — 42 yard run by Michel on second play of the drive. His longest run of the season. Dawgs down to the 15.

12:52 — Tech has run 12 plays so far. Three of them have gone for 30 yards or more.

12:50 — Touchdown Georgia Tech: Marcus Marshall with a four yard TD run. Jackets lead 14-7 with 8:54 left in the half.

12:48 — Tech’s first pass of the game is a 64 yard play fake to Stewart. Tech down to the UGA 9.

12:45 — Georgia gets one first down on its first drive of the second quarter but is forced to punt. Tech ball at the GT 27.

12:41 — Big stop by Lorenzo Carter on JJ Green on third and one. Jackets punt. Dawgs get the ball after a touchback.


12:35 — END OF FIRST QUARTER: Georgia 7, Georgia Tech 7: Instant analysis — This could be a very fast moving game. Georgia Tech can’t stop the Dawgs running the ball and Georgia wasn’t exactly impressive stopping Tech’s first drive either.

The Dawgs are dominating the line of scrimmage, especially Brandon Kublanow who is pushing around Tech’s defensive front. However Georgia missed on points on its first drive in part because of a dropped pass by Riley Ridley and a missed FG by Rodrigo Blankenship.

The Jackets are getting yards in bunches, especially on the edges. Tech rushed for 87 yards on 7 carries for an average of 12.4. UGA color analyst Eric Zeier pointed out that UGA was guarding the pitch man with its safties, leaving no one behind if they get blocked. Which they were on that first drive.

The Dawgs must make adjustments or it could be a shootout.

12:32 –Rushing yards: Georgia 90 on 15 carries. Tech 75 on 4 carries.

12:30 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Sony Michel with a 10 yard TD run. It’s 7-7 with 1:28 left in first quarter. 

12:23 — Great throw by Eason on a scramble to Nauta on 3rd and 12 for 35 yards to the GT 30.

12:18 — Zeier: Georgia bringing the safeties up to cover the pitch man and if Tech blocks it, there’s no one stop it. So far they are.

12:15 — Touchdown Georgia Tech: Clinton Lynch with a 42 yard TD run.  Jackets lead 7-0 with 7:28 left in first quarter.

12:10 — Blankenship misses a 42 yard FG after Riley Ridley drops a third down conversion. Dawgs can do nothing with its 1st possession.

12:09 — Chubb passes Garrison Heart as UGA’s third all time leading rusher.

12:07 — Zeier: Brandon Kublanow is owing the Tech defensive front.

12:05 — Three carries 26 yards for Chubb.

12:02 p.m. — Reggie Davis hesitates on the return in the opening kickoff and his hit at the UGA 16.

11:59 a.m. — Tech wins the toss and will defer. Georgia takes the ball.