Top three things to know: Louisiana-Lafayette vs. Georgia 

Posted: 8:28 pm Friday, November 18th, 2016

By Jay Black

Yes everybody will be in black tomorrow, including Uga

How well do the Dawgs look in black?

I’m not talking about how well the uniforms look, because we all know the black threads are pretty sharp. I’m saying Georgia needs a big win.

The Dawgs are a 23-point favorite and they need to play like it. All six of Georgia’s wins have been decided in the final quarter. So have all of its losses, except for the first one to Ole Miss.

UGA only has one double-digit win and that was 14 points to South Carolina. If Georgia didn’t get a touchdown on the final onside kick, it wouldn’t have any.

So this really and truly needs to be a game Georgia dominates from front to back. Louisiana-Lafayette is not the worst team in the Sun Belt Conference, but with an overall record of 4-5 and a conference record of 3-3, the Ragin’ Cajuns certainly aren’t the best.

They do have some talent in former LSU QB Anthony Jennings and running back Elijah McGuire who has NFL ability. So the Dawgs shouldn’t be caught napping like they were against Nicholls.

Frankly, this has been such a grueling season that this young team could use a game where it can finally relax in the fourth quarter and get ready for Georgia Tech.

The wins over Kentucky and Auburn have answered a few questions about this team, but a dominating victory over a minnow like this would at least prove Georgia is capable of crushing the teams that it should.

Nick Chubb could have a bit of a challenge this week.

Is Louisiana-Lafayette’s run defense really that good?

Figures lie and liar figures, or so the saying goes. The stat that stinks out the most for this game is that ULL is ranked 20th in the nation in rushing yards allowed. Georgia is ranked 21st.

The Ragin’ Cajuns are giving up 118.3 yards per game, compared to Georgia’s 119.1

Of course, there’s a bit of a difference in the guys running the ball against these two defenses, isn’t there?

But you can only play the teams in front of you, and ULL is coming off its best performance of the season, giving up just 52 yards to Georgia Southern, which loves to run the ball.

The Cajuns defensive line has a couple of 300-pounders to deal with along with a couple of strong senior linebackers in Tre’Maine Lightfoot (9 tackles per game) and Otha Peters (7.9 tackles per game).

But these guys haven’t faced anything like Georgia (or at least since they played Boise State in the opener).

After rushing for 96 yards in the losses to Vanderbilt and Florida, Georgia has picked up 350 yards in this two game winning streak.

Sony Michel topped 100 yards against UK while Nick Chubb record the 16th 100-yard rushing performance of his career last week.

The Dawgs should be able to throw against ULL, but they really need to do what they are supposed to do best and dominate on the ground.

Jacob Eason must do better in the red zone.

How will Georgia solve its red zone issues?

The Dawgs offense has been fantastic from 20-yard line to the other 20-yard line. It’s been everything else that’s been a bit disappointing.

Georgia only has two touchdowns in its last nine trips into the red zone, which dates back to the start of the Vanderbilt game. Now to be fair, the Dawgs are getting points when they get inside the 20. Everything else has been field goals except Terry Godwin’s pass that was intercepted against Auburn.

However, the great teams don’t leave points on the board when they get this close to the end zone. Georgia is ranked 116th in the nation in touchdown percentage, only hitting pay dirt 50 percent of the time they get in the red zone.

This is where all of Georgia’s offensive issues manifest itself. It doesn’t have a dominate running game and or wide receiver that can out jump everybody. So when the defense gets compact, things get very tough.

The Dawgs have yet to convert all of their red zone possessions into TDs in one game. Now would be a good time to stop that streak.