GAMEDAY LIVE: No. 9 Auburn at Georgia 

Posted: 3:30 pm Saturday, November 12th, 2016

By Jay Black

Georgia hasn’t beaten a ranked SEC opponent since it knocked off Auburn in Athens two years ago.


6:58 — Auburn drive chart in second half: Five punts, a pick six, turnover on downs. 32 total yards. No first downs.

6:56 — FINAL SCORE: Georgia 13, No. 9 Auburn 7

6:54 — This is the second straight season Georgia has won a game without an offensive touchdown (9-6 vs Missouri last year).

6:47 — Johnson did UGA a favor and tried to return kickoff deep in endzone. Auburn ball at 15 with 2:20 left.

6:47 — Eric Zeier said he liked UGA’s trick play call on 3rd down. Direct snap to Chubb, reverse to Godwin, and pass by Godwin to Eason. Incomplete

6:45 –FIELD GOAL GEORGIA: Blankenship hits a 21 yarder after a goal line stand by Auburn. UGA leads 13-7 with 2:25 left. 

6:41 — Auburn’s fewest yards under Gus Malzhan is 261 against Alabama last year. They have 156 tonight.

6:33 — Second half first downs: Georgia 8, Auburn 0.

6:31 — That is six straight drives without a first down for Auburn. UGA gets 15 yards on catch interference penalty. Dawgs ball at the UGA 31.

6:27 — Auburn rushing yards: 1st half 107. 2nd half- 15

6:24 — Blankenship misses a 49 yard field goal. Just short. Ends a 10 in a row streak. First miss since Ole Miss.

6:19 — Auburn ran 24 times in the first half and threw it 8. In the second half Auburn has 8 runs and nine passes. And no first downs.

6:19 –Three and out again for Auburn. Big return for McKenzie. UGA ball at its 47. Got to get something here.

6:11 — FIELD GOAL GEORGIA: Blankenship has just enough leg to make a 45 yard field goal. Georgia takes a 10-7 lead with 13:44 left in the fourth.


6:05 — END OF THIRD QUARTER: Georgia 7, Auburn 7: Instant analysis – Georgia out gained Auburn 88-19 in the third quarter, but it only got on the board with a defensive touchdown. Maurice Smith’s pick six appeared to be the turning point in the game, but Georgia can’t capitalize.

Auburn hasn’t had a first down yet in the second half, while Georgia has seven. The Dawgs are in the middle of a very good drive, which appeared to be the one that was going to put points on the board, but currently a bad snap has pushed UGA out of field goal range.

Nick Chubb is up to 71 rushing  yards, while Sony Michel is at 5.9 per carry and 41 yards. Bottom line, Georgia’s defense has figured out Auburn to this point, but the offense must capitalize. They are almost at the breaking point where too many mistakes will cost Georgia a big victory. But UGA is out playing the No. 9 team in the nation.

6:04 — Bad snap is recovered by Georgia but sends the Dawgs back the AU 38.

5:56 — Fourth straight series for Auburn with a first down in the half. UGA ball at its 21.

5:54 — .@ChuckDowdle from UGA sidelines. Wynn is out for the game.

5:53 — Georgia drive stalls near midfield and Ramsey shanks a punt. Auburn ball at its 23.

5:48 — Chuck Dowdle on UGA sidelines says Wynn has a leg injury. Status not released.

5:46 –Auburn goes 3 and out. No first downs for the Tigers in this half. UGA ball at its 14.

5:42 –Dawgs answer Auburn’s 3 and out with one of their own. Ramsey punts it back to the Auburn 31.

5:36 — Reggie Carter sacks White on third down. UGA really timing its blitzes well. Tigers punt. UGA ball at 27.

5:33 — Rodrigo Blankenship hits the goal post on the kickoff. Sanford Stadium up for grabs right now. Everybody is fired up.

5:31 — Tigers for some reason threw it on the first two downs to start the series and it didn’t work. Put White in a must throw and Smith was there

5:30 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Maurice Smith with a pick six. Tied 7-7 with 14;37 left in third quarter.


HALFTIME: Auburn 7, Georgia 0: Instant analysis — Well so far Georgia is covering the spread and out gaining the Tigers 161-132. Yet they trail, again, at home. A lot of UGA fans will whine about the officiating and that might be fair. The missed pass interference against Riley Ridley was a killer, but Georgia still only has it self to blame for not getting any points in the first half.

Sacks on back to back plays at the end of the half have cost the Dawgs at least a few points. Not to mention the killer penalty on the first drive that negated a big pass by Eason and Terry Godwin’s ill advised pass on the second drive that was intercepted in the end zone.

“We are in score range and Terry doesn’t make a good decision, I mean, gosh dog,” said UGA coach Kirby Smart on the UGA radio network.

Nick Chubb had 39 yards on six carries in the first quarter, but got nothing on three carries in the second quarter. Sony Michel is starting to look like the better back, with 9.5 yards per carry. He has 38 yards on four carries.

Georgia’s defense has hung in there against Auburn’s dynamic rushing attack. The Tigers had 107 yards on 24 carries, which is quite a bit off the pace of Auburn’s 300 yards per game. Auburn only had 42 total yards in the second, to UGA’s 55.

But Smart is still not happy with where his defense is right now.

“We’ve got to play better and make some adjustments to some of the Wildcat stuff. But we will be there. ”

Georgia is getting very good pressure on Sean White when it calls a blitz. The Dawgs will rue some missed opportunities, but they are right in this thing and playing Auburn pretty even. Tigers ball to start the second half.

5:04 — Georgia’s final drive of the half is a 3 and out. UGA pins them deep and Auburn takes a knee to end half.

4:59 — Tigers punt after getting one first down. Great field position at the Auburn 47

4:58 — Jonathan Ledbetter with UGA’s first sack of the game. But Georgia has been getting in White’s face a lot.

4:54 — Ramsey punt downed at 2 yard line. So Auburn ball up 7-0 with 3:58 left.

4:53 — Eason takes a huge sack and loses his helmet on third down. Knocks UGA out of FG range.

4:50 — Eric Zeier says there’s the make up pass interference call. And the crowd goes wild.

4:47 — Isiah Wynn down on the field. Cant afford to lose him.

4:41 — UGA analyst Eric Zeier points out Auburn has been in press coverage most of the game and UGA WR getting open for bombs.

4:39 — Another well timed blitz on third down forces a pass and big loss for AU. UGA ball at its 19.

4:37 — UGA fans still booing. They haven’t gotten over it.

4:34 — UGA fans going nuts after it appeared Ridley was tackled on a pass. But no interference was called. Third missed call to go against UGA.


4:26 — END OF FIRST QUARTER: Auburn 7, Georgia 0: Instant analysis — Once again, it’s the little things and the big things that kill Georgia. A huge catch by Javon Wims is wiped away by a holding penalty that turns Georgia’s first drive from one that could get points into one that doesn’t. Then Terry Godwin makes a pretty horrible throw on a Wild Dawg play that leads to an interception in the end zone that kills the second drive. UGA can’t make these mistakes. Nick Chubb looked good on the first three carries and is up to 39 yards on six carries at this point.

Georgia’s defense played well on its first series, but just watched Auburn run right down it’s throat on a long 15 play 80 yard TD drive that included 13 runs. Georgia leads in total yards 106-90.

4:20 — Touchdown Auburn: Three yard run out of wildcat by Kerryon Johnson. Tigers lead 7-0 with 28 seconds left. 

4:18 — 11 runs and one pass on this long drive for Auburn. UGA takes a timeout to catch its breath.

4:06 — And 140 characters isn’t enough to explain how bad that throw by Terry Godwin was on a Wilddawg play. Auburn touchback.

4:05 — 140 characters will not describe how good that one handed catch by Riley Ridley was on a 57 yard pass.

4:01 — Chubb passes Lars Tate for the fourth leading rusher in UGA history with a 17 yard run.

3:58 — Quincy Mauger with a well timed safety blitz to get in White’s face.

3:58 –UGA gives up one first down and forces a punt. UGA ball at the 7

3:53 — UGA drive starts well but a botched sweep to McKenzie and a holding penalty kills drive. Auburn ball at its 32.

3:52 — Brice Ramsey punts with Marshall Long injured

3:51 — Javon Wims with a brilliant diving catch on third and long but wiped out by a holding penalty against Catalina.

3:50 — Nick Chubb right at 3,000 rushing yards in his UGA career.

3:48 — Four straight runs and 20 yards for UGA.

3:47 — Reggie Davis banged up so Mecole Hardman, freshman, starts at kick returner.

3:43 p.m. — Ref says Auburn wins the toss and will defer. UGA ball. But UGA sideline reporter @ChuckDowdle says the ref got the call wrong. He was at 50