GAMEDAY LIVE: Georgia vs Kentucky 

Posted: 7:20 pm Saturday, November 5th, 2016

By Jay Black


11:18 — FINAL SCORE: Georgia 27, Kentucky 24. Rodrigo Blankenship hits a 25 yard field goal for the win. 

11:15 — Timeout Georgia. Two seconds left. Right in the center of the field at the nine. About a 26 yarder for Rodrigo Blankenship for the win.

11:13 –Dawgs flying down the field in a no-huddle. Right now it’s a 32 yard field goal for Blankenship. 20 seconds left though. UGA ball at 15.

11:05 — Field goal Kentucky: MacGinnis hits a 25 yarder to tie the game at 24-24 with 2:47 left in the fourth. 

11:03 — Benny Snell ran it nine straight times down to the seven and then UK throws an incomplete fade pass.

10:59 — Kentucky has 121 yards out of the Wildcat formation. That’s 40 percent of their total yards.

10:54 — Georgia hit for its second sideline interference penalty. Gives UK a first down at the UGA 32

10:49 — That’s Michel’s 7th career 100 yard game and 2nd this season.

10:47 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Sony MIchel with a 26 yard TD run. 2 pt conversion is good by Nauta. UGA leads 24-21 with 9:12 left.

10:42 — Kentucky can do nothing with the Chubb fumble. UGA ball after a punt at it’s 34.

10:40 — Three three turnovers forced by Kentucky today. The only other time they have done that was against So. Miss in the opener.

10:36 –That’s three turnovers for Georgia and two for UK.

10:36 — That’s a first. After the officials said the replay for confirmed “another angle was found on a TV camera” and it’s UK ball at the 28.


END OF THIRD QUARTER: Kentucky 21, Georgia 16: Instant analysis — Feeling more and more like the Vanderbilt game isn’t it? Georgia still has more yards than Kentucky, but it keeps making mistakes that keep touchdowns off the board. Whether it’s a turnover or a holding penalty or a dropped pass, Georgia just can’t put the ball in the end zone.

Kentucky has 251 total yards and 81 of those have come out of the Wildcat formation, including all three Kentucky TDs. Outside of that, Georgia’s defense has played very well, including holding Kentucky to 1-for-8 on third downs.

However, Georgia forced two turnovers on two straight plays and could only get three points out of it.

It feels like the Dawgs are the better team. But that hasn’t mattered much this season has it?

10:23 p.m. — UGA gets on the edge of FG range, but forced to punt. Can’t do anything with the interception. UK ball at its 20 with 3 seconds left in 3rd.

10:15 — Interception for Georgia. D’Andre Baker grabs a bobbled catch by a UK WR at the UGA 23.

10:13 — UGA has three TDs in the last three games. One each against Vandy, Florida and UK.

10:12 — FIELD GOAL GEORGIA: Blankenship hits a career long 50 yard field goal. Kentucky 21, Georgia 16 with 5:07 left in third quarter.

10:09 — Georgia recovers a fumble. Maurice Smith with a big hit and recovery at the UK 38.

9:55 — Touchdown Kentucky: Two yard TD run by Snell. Kentucky leads 21-13 with 9:15 in the third quarter.

9:51 p.m. — UK has 80 yards on eight plays in the Wildcat formation. They’ve scored 2 TDs in this formation.

9:46 p.m. — UGA goes 3 and out. UK ball at its 44. Cats winning field position battle. Avg. start is their own 35. While UGA avg start is own 21.

9:41 p.m. — MacGinnis hits a 44 yard FG for UK but it’s wiped away by holding. Malcolm Parrish was going to block kick otherwise. UK punts into endzone

9:31 p.m. — Nick Chubb fumbles on the second play of the second half. UK ball at the UGA 33.


9:08 — HALFTIME: Kentucky 14, Georgia 13: Instant analysis — It always comes down to a special teams play doesn’t it? Georgia is out gaining UK 238-175 and out rushing the Wildcats 108-100. But the Dawgs trail by one. You can blame that on a brain burp by Isaiah McKenzie who fumbled a punt to start the second quarter that led to a UK TD. McKenzie got blasted as soon as he touched the ball and never had a chance to hold on to it.

“Wish Isaiah would have fair caught that ball. He tried to be aggressive. But we didn’t stop them,” said Kirby Smart on the UGA radio network.

Kirby is right, Georgia again is struggling to make all the plays necessary. The Wildcats have scored both of their TDs out of the Wildcat formation. They have 40 yards on five plays in that formation for an average of eight yards per play.

“We aren’t tackling very well defensively,” said Smart.

Nick Chubb started off hot, rushing for 59 yards in the first quarter on nine carries. But he four on four carries in the second quarter. Sony Michel is up to 49 yards on 11 carries. He had 45 yards on seven carries in the second quarter. The Dawgs offensive line is play much better, but can’t stay consistent.

“We’ve been able to run the ball, but we get behind the sticks,” said Smart.

Eason is 6-for-11 for 130 yards. He’s been mediocre, but did have a fantastic throw to Wims. However, Georgia could only get a field goal out of that. Rodrigo Blankenship has hit two today. He’s made seven in a row after missing his first kick at Ole Miss.

This is feeling like the Vanderbilt game, where Georgia should be winning, but it’s not.

8:57 — UGA forces a punt after one first down. Dawgs ball at their own 21

8:54 — UGA out gaining UK 210-129.

8:49 — Blankenship has made seven straight kicks since missing his first one at Ole Miss.

8:36 — Touchdown Kentucky: Boom Williams with a 13 yard run out of the Wildcat Formation. UK leads 14-10 with 9:48 left in half.

8:35 –And a facemask on the next play. Georgia defense has gone from 3 and out to now inside the rezone in two plays.

8:33 — McKenzie failed to call fair catch and was clobbered on a short punt and fumbles back to UK at the Dawgs 37.

8:26 — FIELD GOAL GEORGIA: Blankenship with a 25 yarder. Georgia leads 10-7 with 12:26 left in the half. 

8;24 — Georgia is 8 for 8 running on first down.

8:24 — 51 yard bomb by Eason with a spectacular diving catch by Javon Wims. Career long reception for Wims.


8:19 — END OF FIRST QUARTER: Georgia 7, Kentucky 7: Instant analysis — So far this is shaping up exactly like we thought it would. Only throw it when you have to. Georgia has nearly tripled it’s rushing output from last week. It has 59 yards on 13 carries so far and was moving the ball  great except for a couple of negative plays on its second drive. Chubb has 55 yards on nine carries.

However Kentucky is doing what it wants to also, especially out of the Wildcat Formation with Snell. The combination of Snell and Boom Williams is legit so far. The Dawgs have missed a couple of key tackles that allowed UK to score its first TD.

Also, the sound system here is the loudest on the planet.

8:17 — UK has run four plays out of the wildcat formation in the first quarter for 27 yards. 6.8 average.

8:15 — Touchdown Kentucky: Benny Snell with a four yard run. It’s tied 7-7 with 51 seconds left in the first.

8:10 — Dawgs drive bogs down with two negative rushing plays. UK ball at its 33. 49 yard punt by Long.

8:07 — Dawgs with seven straight run plays to start the second drive.

8:04 — Georgia’s offensive line opening  up plenty of holes for Chubb so far.

8:02 — Georgia gives up one first down and nothing else on UK’s second drive. A good punt pins UGA at its 4 with 8:09 left in first quarter.

7:50 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Eason hits McKenzie for a 38 yard score on a slant. Georgia leads 7-0 with 10:54 left in 1st. 

7:44 — Chubb with 3 straight runs to start. Chubb with 27 yards…he had 20 last week.

7;42 – Dawgs defense forces a 3 and out to start the game. No return for McKenzie. UGA ball at its 36.

7:39 — Biggest game for UK in November in years and it’s still not a sell out.

7:36 p.m. — UGA calls heads and wins the toss. Dawgs defer. So UK ball.