GAMEDAY LIVE: Georgia vs No. 14 Florida 

Posted: 3:30 am Saturday, October 29th, 2016

By Jay Black


7:04 — FINAL SCORE: Florida 24, Georgia 10

7:01 — Florida picks up the first down on fourth and short. And that pretty much does it.

6:54 — Another Georgia drive ends on fourth down near midfield. UGA did not cross the 50 in the second half.

6:48 — Field goal Florida: Pinerio hits a 38 yarder. Gators lead 24-10 with 4:24 left.

6:45 — Florida is 8-for-15 on third downs today. It’s average yards to make on third downs is 8.

6:38 –Second half yards: Florida 64, Georgia 28

6:35–Georgia doesn’t go 3 and out on that possession. Instead it’s four and out. Dawgs fail on fourth down. Florida ball at UGA 48 with 9:57 left

6:26 — Georgia can do nothing with the good field position. Seventh 3 and out. Another short punt gives the Gators the ball at the UF 21.


6:20 — END OF THIRD QUARTER: Florida 21, Georgia 10 — Instant analysis: Wow, that was ugly. Georgia had a whole 15 total yards in the quarter and -10 rushing yards. UGA only got one first down and it’s punting failed to. Nick Chubb did not get a carry and Jacob Eason never had a chance to do anything with the offensive line struggling to contain Florida.

Despite all that, Georgia is down 11. Florida hasn’t exactly been a juggernaut with 65 yards in that quarter. But it’s only to go half the field or less to score it’s three TDs.

6:19 — D’Andre Baker on a blitz gets UGA’s third sack. Gators punt. Decent return by McKenzie gives UGA the ball at its 41.

6:15 — UGA doesn’t move the ball after getting the first down. Dawgs punt for the seventh time down to the UF 30.

6:12 — Georgia gets its first 1st down of the third quarter. Sony Michel fighting his way to the marker.

6:08 — That 56 yard drive is Florida’s longest of the game. They have three TDs.

6:07 — Touchdown Florida: Speed sweep to Antonio Callaway for four yards. He was untouched. Gators leads 21-10  with 3:11 left in third.

6:02 — Eric Zeier: You can start to see the toll of all those 3-and-outs on the UGA defense.

6:01 — Dawgs give up a big first down on 3-and-10. Del Rio hits Callaway for 21

6:00 — Nick Chubb has two carries for six yards since the first quarter. He has seven for 15 for the game.

5:59 — Fifth 3 and out for Georgia in the last six drives. Gators ball at their 44

5:53 — Florida’s Pineiro misses a 33 yard field goal. Dawgs catch a break. Still down 14-10 with 10:54 left third quarter.

5:47 — UGA Drives – FG, 3 & out, TD, 3 & out, 3 & out, 3 & out, HALF, 3 & out.

5:46 p.m. — Georgia goes 3 and out for the fifth time today. Ramsey’s 25 yard punt gives Florida the ball at the UGA 49.


5:18 p.m. — HALFTIME: Florida 14, Georgia 10 — Instant analysis: Look at that, special teams is finding a way to kill Georgia again. This time it’s punt. The Dawgs are only averaging 32 yards per kick, while Florida is getting 45 per punt. That is making a huge difference in field position, as the Gators have a 12 yard edge. And that includes a the drive Georgia started on the UF 25. UGA has replaced punter Marshall Long with Brice Ramsey. “It should be obvious,” said Kirby Smart at halftime. “I think the other guy (Ramsey) can punt it better).

The running game, once again, is a serious issue for Georgia. The Dawgs have only 19 yards on the ground, with it’s longest run being seven yards. A crucial drop by Jayson Stanley and a sort-of drop by Riley Ridley also took points off the board.

However, Georgia’s defense, despite playing with a short field most of time is not letting Florida do a lot. The Gators have a 118-117 edge in total yards and only have 34 yards on the ground.

The quarterback play has been medicore at best. Del Rio is 8-for-15 for 84 yards, while Eason is 7-for-16 for 98 yards. Eason has been hurried 10 times.

Bottom line. Georgia’s offensive line has to protect Eason better and run the ball. The Dawgs must improve field position or they are  sunk.

5:16 — Georgia forces another punt, and has it at its 34 with 49 seconds left.

5:09 — Brice Ramsey comes into the game to punt. Kicks a high 36 yard punt. Fair caught at UF 36.

5:08 — And Jayson Stantley drops an easy first down on a crossing route. Dawgs will punt

5:07 — Ridley drops a potential TD pass, but the pass was thrown a little behind him and its dropped. Ridley turned his ankle coming back for it.

4:59 p.m.– Touchdown Florida. Two yard run by Scarlett gives UF a 14-10 lead with 1:37 left in half.

4:58 — Tough pass interference call against UGA. Pass appeared to be uncatchable.

4:53 — Avg start field position. Florida – Own 40. UGA – Own 27

4:53– Gators bring the house again on third down and UGA goes 3 and out again. Gators ball at  UGA 44 after punt goes out of bounds.

4:50 — Brian Herrien gets his first carry of the game and gets nothing.

4:48 — Florida goes 3-and-out for the first time. Dawgs ball after a punt at the 20.

4:47 — Rushing yards – Florida 39, UGA 7

4:41 — Sony Michel gets his first two carries of the game, but can only gets 3 yards. Dawgs go 3 and out. Late hit on UF backs it up the  UF 36.

4:39–Florida can do nothing on its first drive after the score. Just one first down. So UGA ball after a punt at the 12

4:27 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Eason hits Riley Ridley on a 14 yarder. Georgia leads 10-7 with 12:02 left in half.

4:26 p.m. — Florida is whipping Georgia up front right now. Every play is a challenge. Even Eason’s bomb was a scramble play.

4:25 p..m. — That 38 yard catch by Godwin is the longest of his career.


END OF FIRST QUARTER: Florida 7, Georgia 3: — Analysis: It seems to be a common theme this season, Georgia pays dearly for missed opportunities. Dominick Sanders makes a huge interception to start the game and Georgia pushes a drive inside the five yard line, but a false start penalty kills the momentum and Georgia can only get three points. Then Sanders misses a tackle on third down, and not only do the Gators pick it up, but Lewis runs all the way in for a touchdown.

The Dawgs have only 13 total yards through one quarter and Florida’s defense is living up to the hype. Chubb has nine yards on the ground. The Gators are moving the ball pretty decently, but Georgia’s defense has made a few plays.

4:19 — Eason sacked on a corner blitz to end the first quarter.

4:16 — Touchdown Florida: Del Rio hits Lewis with a 19 yarder after a huge missed tackle by Sanders. UF leads 7-3 with 17 seconds left in 1st.

4:09 — Big hit by Natrez Patrick to force a fumble on the punt. But UF recovers with good field position at the UGA 39.

4:01 — The sack pushes Florida out of field goal range and a decent drive for the Gators gets nothing. UGA ball at its 4.

4:00 — Maurice Smith with a huge sack of 15 yards to push the Gators back to the Dawgs 40.

3:55 — You can tell it’s Georgia-Florida. Each team with two penalties so far.

3:48 p.m. — FIELD GOAL GEORGIA: Blankenship with a 25 yard field goal. UGA leads 3-0 with 9:59 left in first. 

3:43 — Dominick Sanders intercepts Florida’s first pass. Should have been a late hit on UF but not called. UGA ball at the UF 25.

3:37 p.m. — UGA wins the toss and will defer. Florida takes the ball.

3:32 p.m. — Welcome to Jacksonville where, with six minutes until kickoff, there’s a lot more UGA fans in there seats than there are Florida fans.