GAMEDAY LIVE: Vanderbilt at Georgia 

Posted: 11:50 am Saturday, October 15th, 2016

By Jay Black


3:26 — Vanderbilt had 171 total yards. That’s the 13th time since 2002 UGA has allowed that low of an offensive total. UGA had won the last 12.

3:19 — FINAL SCORE: Vanderbilt 17, Georgia 16

3:18 — Georgia out gained Vandy by 246 yards. And will lose.

3:16 — The answer is a pitch to McKenzie with Chubb at FB. It didn’t work. Vandy ball.

3:12 — 4th and 1 from the 41. Game on the line. What’s your call?

3:10 — Eason with 337 yards, a career high.

3:10 — Eason on 4th and 12 hits Godwin over the middle to keep the game alive.

3:06 — Eason over 300 yards for the second time of his career.

3:05 — Welcome to Georgia football 2016…where the last drive of the game always matters.

3:04 — Eason 14-for-16 for 147 yards in second half. He was 9-for-16 for 150 in the first half.

3:02 — Davin Bellamy and David Marshall get in on a sack forcing a 3 and out. Vandy recovered a fumble. UGA ball at 20 after touchback.

2:56 — A holding penalty on a big third down run by Eason pushes Georgia back to a 4-and-8 at the Vandy 41. UGA was going for it and VU called TO

2:48 — Vanderbilt went 75 yds on that drive for the score. They had 85 yards total yards before that. A 37 yard screen pass to Webb was the killer

2:46 — Touchdown Vanderbilt: Khari Blasingam with a two yard run. Vanderbilt leads 17-16 with 9:43 left in the fourth quarter.

2:39 –Eason was 10-for-11 in the third quarter for 114 yards.

2:38 — FIELD GOAL GEORGIA: Blankenship with a 36 yarder. Georgia 16, Vanderbilt 10 with 13:47 left in the game. 


2:32 — END OF THIRD QUARTER: Georgia 13, Vanderbilt 10: Analysis – The good news is, Georgia is leading now. It still doesn’t feel like it’s only a 3-point game, but that’s what we have. The Dawgs are out gaining Vandy 337-85 and have upped the margin in the passing game to 264-45. But UGA just can’t put drives away. That’s because the running game continues to struggle, as does the blocking up front. Georgia only had 19 rushing yards on nine carries in that quarter.

Jacob Eason on the other had was 10-for-11 throwing for 114 yards in that quarter. Nauta had the big touchdown catch and another one to set it up.

Georgia’s defense continues to squash the Vanderbilt defense, holding them to 21 yards in the quarter.

One more score ought to put this game away, but UGA is not clicking at all.

2:29 — UGA’s defense forces a 3-and-out. A low, strange, short punt gives the Dawgs the ball at the Vandy 39.

2:27 — Vanderbilt has not converted a third down longer than one yard.

2:26 — Georgia’s drive bogs down at the Vandy 35 when Eason is sacked on a safety blitz. Vandy ball at it’s 5.

2;16 — Vanderbilt only gets one first down out of that drive and that was via penalty. UGA ball at its 12

2:11 — Eason 4-for-4 for 74 yards on that drive. Nauta 2 catches for 45 yards.

2:08 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Eason hits Nauta on a play fake for 17 yards. UGA leads for the first time 13-10 with 9:46 left in third. 

2:06 — Running backs: Webb 12 carries 33 yards. Chubb 12-22 yds. Michel 11-17 yards.

2:00 — Field goal Vanderbilt: Tommy Openshaw with a 37 yarder. Vandy 10, UGA 6 with 12:26 left in third quarter.

1:57 –UGA goes 3 and out and punts from its endzone. Vandy ball at the UGA 27.

1:53 p.m. — Reggie Davis fields the opening kickoff and steps on the sideline at the 3 yard line.


HALFTIME: Vanderbilt 7, Georgia 6 — Instant analysis: So can you tell somebody has played two games this week? It’s kind of a snoozer right now. The Dawgs are out gaining Vanderbilt 204-64 and out throwing the Commodores 150-45, yet UGA trails by a point.

Vanderbilt has only picked up four first downs after Darius Sims 94 yard kickoff return to start the game set up the game’s only TD. Georgia’s defense is smothering a mediocre (and that’s a politically correct description) Vandy offense. Lorenzo Carter has two sacks, which is the first time he’s done that since the Kentucky game in 2014.

Jacob Eason has recovered going 9-for-15 with with 150 yards. But Georgia’s offense line is really struggling to move anybody. Which Kirby Smart pointed out in the sentence below. The Dawgs have 54 rushing yards on 22 carries (2.5 average). Nick Chubb has 19 yards on 10 carries, Sony Michel has 18 yards on 10 carries and Eason has 17 yards on two carries. That’s not a good thing.

UGA’s receivers have been a much bigger part of this game than any this season. 5 different WRs have caught passes, which ties a season high. Eason has not completed a pass to a TE or RB yet. Ridley and Davis each lead with 42 yards.

But hey, Rodrigo Blankenship is 2-for-2 kicking. So that’s something.

This game does not feel like Georgia is losing and it doesn’t feel like they are in any danger. But they are down and these are the things that happen when you lose on homecoming.

1:32 — Smart says he decided to go for it because Vandy was putting a guy back deep to return the punt and “I’ve seen that work before.”

1:32 — Kirby Smart on UGA radio: We aren’t getting any movement up front. They are bigger than us. They’ve got to get their a– going up front.

1:25 — Vanderbilt with more yardage on that drive than they’ve had all game. But they put from midfield. UGA ball at its 21 with 53 second left.

1:12 –Today’s game summary. Watch the bouncing punt.

1:11 — Georgia’s drive bogs down at midfield. Good punt by Long so Vandy ball at it’s 3 with 3:48 left in half.

1:09 — Rushing yards – UGA 36, Vandy 0

1:03 — Lorenzo Carter ends another drive with his second sack of the game.

12:58 — That’s Vanderbilt’s first 1st down of the game. Followed by Jonathan Ledbetter’s first tackle, with is a TFL.

12:56 — Georgia’s drive lasted 7:23, which is the longest by time of the season.

12:53 –FIELD GOAL GEORGIA: Blankenship with a 22 yarder. Vandy 7, UGA 6 with 9:43 left in first half. 

12:52 — UGA has already had 5 different wide receivers catch passes today. That’s tied for the most this season. No catches by TEs or RBs.

12:48 — Georgia’s first 3rd down conversion comes on a tipped pass to Nauta caught by Ridley for 26 yards.


END OF FIRST QUARTER: Vanderbilt 7, Georgia 3 – Analysis: So Vanderbilt has 13 total yards and zero first downs. Yet the Commodores lead 7-3. Life isn’t fair, except of course, for a big return to start the game by VU’s Darius Sims. Since then, it’s been a bunch of 3-and-outs for the Commodores. They look like the team that has the fewest points in the conference.

However, UGA hasn’t looked great. Jacob Eason struggled on the first two series, but the final drive of the third quarter looked pretty solid. The freshman is 5-for-8 for 70 yards. The running game has been a little sporadic at this point, which has put the Dawgs in some long 3rd down conversions.

And Rodrigo Blankenship made a 45 yard field goal. So the crowd — which is not full — goes wild.

12:36 — Vanderbilt’s offense living up to it’s worst in the SEC ranking. Another 3 and out. UGA ball at it’s 10. Vandy 13 yards with no 1st downs.

12:31 — Georgia’s previous long field goal this season was 29 yards.

12:29 — FIELD GOAL: Rodrigo Blankenship hits a 45 yarder (no joke). UGA’s longest of the season. It’s 7-3 Vandy with 4:15 left in 1st. 

12:28 — Eason has thrown for 39 yards in the first quarter. He had 29 last week.

12:25 — Eason’s 16 yard pass to Ridley is his longest in two games.

12:24 — McKenzie with a near disaster, tried to field a bouncing punt while falling down. He does though. UGA ball at its 29.

12:23 p.m. — Lorenzo Carter with his third sack in three games. Another 3 and out. No first downs in the game halfway through 1st quarter.

12:17 p.m. — Same story on the Dawgs second possession. Two short runs and a hospital ball from Eason to Godwin is incomplete. And Godwin takes a shot.

12:15 p.m.–Dawgs defense forces a 3 and out. So UGA ball after a touchback at the 20.

12:09 – p.m. — Dawgs go 3 and out. Eason tries a bomb to McKenzie put he’s too little to jump over double coverage. Vandy ball at their 37

12:04 p.m. — Touchdown Vanderbilt. Ralph Webb with a one yard TD run. Vanderbilt leads 7-0 with 14:38 left in first quarter. 

12:02 p.m.– Darius Sims with a 92 yard return to start the game. Reggie Davis with a tackle at the UGA 4 to save a TD. Offsides against UGA puts it at 2

11:59 a.m. — Georgia wins the toss and they will defer. So Vandy ball to start.