GAMEDAY LIVE: No. 11 Tennessee at No. 25 Georgia 

Posted: 3:30 pm Saturday, October 1st, 2016

By Jay Black


7:18 — This is Georgia’s most crushing defeat since Auburn in 2013. Or Georgia Tech in 2014.

7:15 — Jennings just out jumped everyone in the pile for the end zone. Crushing loss for Georgia.

7;10 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Jacob Eason. He hits RIdley with a 47 yard bomb. Georgia leads 31-28 with 10 seconds left. 

7;04 — So Eason has to go 81 yards in 1:07 for the win.

7:03 — Dawgs force 3 and out on three UT runs. So Eason will get a shot.

7:02 — Kirby Smart refuses to call time out on the first play of this drive, allowing UT to drain the clock down to 1:20.

6:59 — Eason was under intense pressure every play in that drive. The Dawgs totally unraveled with two penalties and poor protection.

6:58 — Interception Tennessee by Foreman at the Vols 36. 2:10 left. UGA has all its timeouts.

6:55 — Reggie Davis with a huge return to midfield and the flag is picked up. The crowd goes wild. UGA ball at the the Dawgs 46

6:53 — Call is confirmed. So Vols lead 28-24 with 2:56 to go.

6:51 — Touchdown Tennessee: Eason is sacked and fumbled in the end zone, recovered by Corey Vereen. Play is under review.

6:50 — Huge TFL by Sanders, stopping Hurd on 3 and short and midfield. UGA ball at their own 6 with 3:43 left.

6:45 p.m. — Tennessee 278 total yards. Their season low is 319 vs App. St

6:43 — Dawgs do nothing with the turnover. 3 and out. Punt is a touchback. With a UGA penalty it’s Vols ball at their 25 with 6:46 left.

6:39 — Interception for Georgia by Maurice Smith. Not a good pass by Dobbs. Pass was well under thrown.

6:35 — Georgia throws for it on 4 and short and it’s UT ball at their own 25.

6:32 — Going to be a tough decision for UGA. 4 and 2 at the 25. Do you go for it or kick a 42 yarder?

6:29 –Killer false start  penalty against Blazevich, just UGA’s second flag of the day.

6:23 — UGA had 66 rushing yards in the first quarter, 81 yards in the second quarter and 17 yards in the third quarter.

6:21 — Touchdown Tennessee: Dobbs hits Kamara with a 16 yard TD. Georgia still leads 24-21 with 14:53 left in the game.


6:16 — END OF THIRD QUARTER: Georgia 24, Tennessee 14 — Instant analysis: Let’s call that one a draw. Both teams score a touchdown and both teams probably wish they had done a little bit more. Vols out gain Georgia 99-76 in that quarter and have a 265-262 edge for the game. Georgia’s defense continues to get in the backfield but Josh Dobbs is keeping plays alive with his feet. Natrez Patrick did get his first sack of the season to stop a drive, which led to Eason hitting Nauta for the big TE’s first TD. Tennessee shows flashes of trying to take over offensively but UGA’s defense is hanging in there. The Dawgs only rushed for 17 yards in that quarter though.

6:10 — Both teams trade 3 and outs. UGA to punt to the UT 49.

6:04 — That was a beautiful play action by Eason and Nauta was wide open in the middle of the field. He’s got great speed for a big guy.

6:04 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Eason to Nauta for 50 yards. First career TD for the freshman. UGA leads 24-14 with 4:06 left in third.

5:58 — UGA forces its first three and out with a sack by Natrez Patrick. UGA ball at their 37

5:53 — Derrick Barnett with his first sack of the game ends the UGA drive at the Dawgs 40. UT ball at their 21

5:52 — Eason had McKenize deep but overthrew him. UGA WRs have one catch today.

5:45 pm. — QBs: Dobbs 10-15 124 yards 1 TD; 8 carries for 29 yards and a TD. Eason 6-for-10, 39 yards. 1 fumble recovery TD.

5:44 — Touchdown Tennessee: Dobbs hits Hurd with a 19 yard TD pass. Georgia leads 17-14 with 10:31 left in the half. 

5:42 –Georgia just can’t contain Dobbs when they get a pass rush. UGA fans wont a holding call or two though.

5:37 — Dominick Sanders and Lorenzo Carter banged up on last play.


5:11 — END OF HALF: Georgia 17, Tennessee 7 — Instant analysis: Georgia takes advantage of two huge turnovers and gets 10 points out of it, with the second TD being a 14 point swing. D’Andre Baker might have made the play of the game, with his big hit on Hurd forcing a fumble right before the big UT running back was going in for the score.

UGA is getting better pressure on Joshua Dobbs. But they are still struggling to get to him when they have a shot. Dobbs kept the final drive alive with two big rushing plays on third down, including the final score right before the half.

“I’m pleased with the score, but I’m not pleased with the situation,” said Kirby Smart. “We should have held him to a field goal. “We didn’t finish on the quarterback. We talked about it all week. We’ve got to finish on the quarterback with his eyes down field.”

Of bigger concern might be how quickly UT came down the field right after Jacob Eason recovered Sony Michel’s fumble in the end zone for a TD. Still the Dawgs have to be thrilled with the first half. They are running the ball right down the Vols throats, even without Nick Chubb. Sony Michel has 72 yards on 10 carries, while Brian Herrien has 63 yards on nine carries. UGA as a team has rushed for 147 yards and are nearly doubling up UT in time of possession. The Vols have some life and UGA has been fortunate to give up seven. But so far they are the better team.

5:09 — Touchdown Tennessee: UGA can’t contain Joshua Dobbs and runs in it for a four yard run. UGA 17, UT 7 with 12 seconds left in half. 

4:52 p.m. — Lorenzo Carter with his first sack since the Belk Bowl.

4:50 — Georgia threw five times in their first two times and scored 0 points. They have thrown 5 times in their next 3 drives and scored 17.

4:45 — First career “rushing” TD for Eason.

4:44 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Jacob Eason recovers Michel’s fumble in the end zone for the score. UGA 17, UT 0 with 2:00 left in half. 

4:44 — Isaac Nauta makes a play UGA fans had been hoping for. Big target in double coverage for first down.

4:38 — Hurd was about to score a TD but took a huge hit by Baker and fumbled in the end zone. Recovered by UGA’s Aaron Davis for a touchback

4:31 — Time of possession: UGA 14;28, UT 4:11

4:29 — Georgia’s drive 11 plays 27 yards, which is kind of hard to do.

4:28 — FIELD GOAL GEORGIA: Rodrigo Blankenship with a 27 yard field goal. Georgia 10, Tennessee 0 with 11:21 left in the half. 


4:16 — END OF FIRST QUARTER: Georgia 7, Tennessee 0 — Instant analysis: For the first time since the opener, Georgia is controlling the line of scrimmage, especially on offense. The Dawgs have 66 rushing yards (4.4 average) and that’s with Nick Chubb only getting one carry and might not be a factor today. More importantly, UGA hasn’t given up much to Tennessee yet. Dobbs has just four yards passing and two yards rushing. UGA has forced a turnover.

4:15 — Brian Herrien is a very patient runner for a freshman. Reminds me of a young Nick Chubb.

4:14 – Georgia recovers a fumble on UT’s first play. Maurice Smith forces and recovers fumble. UGA ball at UT 37,

4: 12 — Eric Zeier: Georgia has been running well by spreading out 3 WRs.

4:11 — There were 10 official plays on that drive. Nine of them were runs.

4:10 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Sony Michel with a 14 yard run. UGA up 7-0 with 1:33 left in first quarter.

4:04 — Georgia crowd has been externally loud so far.

3:59 — UGA’s D only gives up one first down again on that drive before a UT punt. UGA ball at it’s own 21.

3:59 — UGA misses a chance to sack Dobbs who avoids three tackles and picks up a couple of yards. Can’t miss those.

3:53 — Dawgs go 3 and out. Eason sacked to end the drive and had no shot. UT ball at the UGA 49.

3:53 — Nick Chubb comes in the game and gets 3 yards and checks out. Seemed ok

3:49 — Justin Young with a big hit on the Dobbs right after he threw to end the UT drive after one first down. Good return by McKenize to UGA 32

3:45– UGA legend Scott Woerner honored on the field by the @cfbhall. He will be inducted in December.

3:44 — UGA drive bogs down the 38. UT ball at their 35

3:40 — Michel starts with a 9 yard run.

3:39 p.m. – Nick Chubb is in uniform. We will see if he indeed plays.

3:38 p.m. – UT wins the toss and defers so UGA ball.