GAMEDAY LIVE: No. 12 Georgia at No. 23 Ole Miss 

Posted: 11:48 am Saturday, September 24th, 2016

By Jay Black


3:17 — FINAL SCORE: Ole Miss 45, Georgia 14

3:15 — Barring something crazy this will be Georgia’s worst loss since the 2011 SEC championship game that LSU won 42-10.

3:06 — Georgia’s defense hasn’t allowed any points the last three drives. So there’s that.

3:00 — Eason 5 for 7 for 46 yards on that drive. Was 11 for 26 for 86 before that drive.

2:57 — First points the offense has scored off a turnover this season.

2:57 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Herrien runs it in from one yard. Ole Miss 45, Georgia 14 with 7:38 left. 

2:47 — UGA interception. Walker with a big hit on Pellerien & the ball popped up for a pick by Davis. UGA  ball at Ole Miss 20

2:40 — Eason is hit and fumbles the first play of  the fourth quarter. Ole Miss ball.


END OF THIRD QUARTER: Ole Miss 45, Georgia 7 — Analysis. So there was no magical locker room talk that turned anything around. Ole Miss gets pretty much what they want when they want it. Chad Kelly gets his rushing TD with a 41 yard read option play. The Dawgs did get on the board with Brian Herrien who scored on a 10 yard run.

That might be the highlight is a solid performance by Herrien in the third quarter. His rushing average is 8.8 per carry. The Dawgs did break a string of 11 straight failed third down conversions.

Eason is still having a miserable day. Now 10-for-27 for 76 yards. The offensive line, again, has struggled in pass protection.

2:28 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Brian Herrien with a 10 yard TD run. Dawgs on the board. It’s 45-7 with 5:00 left in third quarter.

2:22 — Kelly has 275 in the air and 42 yards on the ground.

2:19 –Touchdown Ole Miss; Kelly with a 41 yard run. It’s 45-0 with 8:34 left in third.

2:13 — Ole Miss punts for the second time in four drives. So that’s something.

2:05 — 3 and out for Georgia to start the second half.

2:03 –Passing yards: Ole Miss 300, UGA 93

1:58 p.m. — Touchdown Ole Miss: Eugene Brazley with a five yard TD run. Most points Rebels have ever scored against UGA. It’s 38-0 with 13:13 in third.

1:54 p.m. — Georgia begins the second half with an offside penalty on the kickoff.


HALFTIME: Ole Miss 31, Georgia 0– Analysis — Uhh, how much time you got? The simple breakdown is Georgia is playing it’s worst game in quite a while.

This is the Dawgs biggest halftime deficit since getting down to Alabama 31-0 in 2008. The only thing that’s gone right is a 29 yard fake up. UGA is running the ball a little bit better than they have in the last two weeks, rushing for 4.2 yards per carry. But Georgia is getting whupped every way you can on defense.

The Rebels have thrown for 270 yards, with Chad Kelly getting 233 of those yards on 13 of 17 passing. Tight end Evan Engram has 82 yards in the first half. Jacob Eason is playing horribly, going 7-for-21 for 64 yards.

Kirby Smart told the UGA radio network at the half, “We have to stop giving up big plays. We have to establish something on offense. Jacob has to settle down and play.”

The Dawgs are 1-for-10 on third down conversions, but are 2-for-3 on fourth downs. And Rodrigo Blankenship missed a 36 yard field goal. There’s little good news for Bulldog Nation here.

Smart’s fear before the game was UGA wouldn’t be ready to play for such an early kickoff. Right now it’s hard to tell if the Dawgs were ready to play or just not good enough all together.

1:29 — Yards per play: Ole Miss 10.1, UGA 4.0

1:28 — Touchdown Ole Miss: Kelly hits Engram from nine yards. It’s 31-0 Rebels with 43 seconds left. 

1:25 — Georgia is now 1-for-10 on third downs.

1:22 — Eason is struggling, but he doesn’t have much time either.

1:20 — Greg Pyke and Isaiah Wynn both leave the field injured after that play. They did walk off on their own power.

1:18 — UGA’s defense hangs in there and forces another punt. But they have the ball at the 3 yard line.

1:12 — McKenzie drops a pass in the end zone on fourth down. Would have been a tough catch but should have had it.

1:11 — Jayson Stanley drops a TD pass and McKenzie drops a third down conversion. UGA going for it on fourth and nine.

1:10 — Georgia pulls off a fake punt on fourth down. Michel wide open and catches a pass from Marshall Long for 29 yards. Longest play of day.

1:03 — Touchdown Ole Miss: Kelly throws a first play bomb of 55 yards to DaMarkus Lodge. Rebels 24, UGA 0 with 10:24 left in half. 

12:59 — Dawgs go 3-and-out. Rebels ball at the 45

12:55 — Kelly 7-10 114 yards. Eason 3-10 32 yards. 1 INT.

12:53 — After giving up a big play to start the drive, Georgia forces their first punt of the game. UGA ball at the 16.

12:51 — UGA kickers are 3-for-6 from inside 40 yards. 3-for-8 overall this season.

12:49 — Blankenship misses his first attempt. A 36 yarder. Still 17-0 Rebels.

12:47 — UGA can’t do anything with the big pickup on fourth down. Rodrigo Blankenship into kick

END OF FIRST QUARTER: Ole Miss 17, Georgia 0: Analysis — The alarm bells are sounding here in Oxford. Georgia’s biggest fears are coming true. Chad Kelly (6-8 88 yards) is doing whatever he wants. The Rebels have a pick six and have also hit on a double-pass that UGA couldn’t defend. The Rebels have 147 total yards with one fewer possession. Georgia does appear to be running the ball a little better with 40 yards on 12 carries. If you can call a 3.3 average better, that’s where we are. Sony Michel is looking a little better than Chubb right now and they are basically splitting the load in this heat. Eason made a really poor freshman decision that cost UGA points. 3-for-8 for 32 yards so for Eason.

12:39 — Reggie Davis 40 yard kick return is a career long. Good field position for UGA.

12:37 — Largest deficit of the season for Georgia. Third time this season they’ve trailed by 10 or more.

12:37 — Touchdown Ole Miss: Pennamon with a one yard run. Ole Miss 17, UGA 0 with 2:14 left in first quarter.

12:33 p.m. — Backup QB Pellerin comes in and runs a QB keep and a read option, gets  a first down, and leaves again for  Kelly.

12:31 p.m.  — This is a pretty big series here for the UGA defense. Can’t see Ole Miss blowing another big lead.

12:30 p.m. — Reggie Davis had a step on his man but Eason over throws him on 3rd and nine. Georgia has to punt again. Ole Miss ball at their 16

12:26 p.m. — Third interception for Eason this season. All of the returns of Eason INTs have gone inside the 10. First pick six.

12:23 p.m. –Touchdown Ole Miss: Derrick Jones with a pick six. Forced pass by Eason didn’t work. 55 yard return. Ole MIss 10, UGA 0 7:12 left in 1st.

12:20 — Chubb with a 12 yard run on a toss to the left to start the Dawgs drive. He hasn’t had many runs of 10 yards lately.

12:16 p.m. — Field Goal Ole Miss: Gary Wunderlich hits a 24 yarder. Ole Miss 3, UGA 0 with 8:54 left in first quarter.

12:16 p.m. — UGA bows up inside the Ole Miss 10 with good pressure on Smith. Roquan Smith hits Kelly hard as he throws it away.

12:11 — Dominick Sanders and Davin Bellamy combine to get in on a sack of Kelly at the UGA 10. Rebels flying down the field on first possession.

12:07 — Eason sacked at the UGA 35 to end the Dawgs first possession. Eric Zeier: “Not the fault of the OL. That was a coverage sack.”

12:04 — Dawgs pick up a first down after Godwin nearly drops a pass, tips it twice and Jeb Blazevich catches for a first down.

12:00 p.m. – Ole Miss wins the toss and defers. So Georgia gets the ball to start.

11:54 a.m. – Kirby Smart to UGA radio:  I hope the composure we learned to play with last week helps. We’ve got to execute and do what we do.

11:52 a.m. — First off, it’s really hot. Game time temp is going to be about 86 degrees but it’s much, much hotter on the field. Could have a record high in the mid-90s today.