This is why Kirby Smart has his job 

Posted: 9:49 am Friday, September 23rd, 2016

By Jay Black

Georgia’s next two opponents are tough. But that’s why Kirby Smart is here

I don’t know what’s in Kirby Smart’s contract. Since it’s a contract with the state (and academia at that) I’m sure it’s very complicated.

But if I were writing it – as the University has set out its expectations – it wouldn’t be too long.

  1. The employee herein shall beat the Georgia Institute of Technology on a near annual basis or face termination.
  2. The employee’s victories over the University of Florida and Auburn University shall exceed the number of times the employer fails to do so or face termination.
  3. The employee shall contended for an SEC or national championship in his first three years and shall win one in his first six years or face termination.
  4. The employee shall win games like Georgia is playing in on Sept. 24th and Oct. 1st most times than the previous employee or face termination.

Throw in a morality clause and everybody sign here.

Games like this week and next week are why Kirby Smart now hears the little red visor of the head coach at Georgia.

The Dawgs are not expected to win this week. They shouldn’t win this week. They looked great against North Carolina, but maybe everybody will. They were asleep for Nicholls and nearly ran off the road in Missouri.

UGA has a very tough challenge with Ole Miss QB Chad Kelly

Ole Miss is extremely talent and extremely desperate. They’ve led two of the better teams in the country (No. 1 Alabama and at the time No. 4 FSU) by about 80 points at half time (give or take) and somehow lost both.

They are the hosts this week and it won’t be a quiet little Saturday like Georgia experienced last week in the plains.

At least you can’t get too intoxicated by 11 a.m. Central Daylight Time.

If Georgia loses tomorrow, all of their hopes and dreams are still intact. Whether that be a better bowl than TaxSlayer or Belk, a division title, or something more.

There is no shame in losing this game. Yet, Bulldog Nation demands better than just winning the ones you are supposed to (even though that kind of hurt the last guy too).

Georgia is ranked higher, but the gamblers (if gambling was legal) say they are a touchdown underdog on the road.

The last time UGA upset an opponent on the road, Mark Richt was there for it in 2009.

The last time UGA beat a ranked opponent on the road was Missouri post Gurleygate in 2014. That was a great win, but the Dawgs were also favored (which is also the last time UGA played a ranked team on the road).

Can you guess the last time Georgia beat an opponent on the road when it wasn’t favored? That was Georgia Tech in 2009.

How about an SEC opponent? This might take a while so I’ll wait. It was 2008 when UGA beat LSU in Baton Rouge.

So it’s been a while since the Dawgs experienced a big upset away from Athens or a neutral site.

Ole Miss can be had, but I’m not sure if this group can do it. Chad Kelly is much better than Missouri’s Drew Lock and there’s legit SEC talent all over the field. They just can’t finish.

Frankly if the Dawgs prove they are on somewhat level ground, are ready to play at 11 a.m. central (unlike the Nicholls game) and don’t get their doors blown off, I think Bulldog Nation will accept that in year 1 of the Smart Era. The talent just isn’t there.

Next week is what really matters if the Dawgs have any hope of playing for something in December. And the Vols can be had too.

But Bulldog Nation expects better of this new regime. Winning on the road isn’t tough, especially when you aren’t supposed to.

That’s why they pay Kirby what they pay him. Because if this job were easy, anyone could do it.