GAMEDAY LIVE: No. 16 Georgia at Missouri 

Posted: 7:34 pm Saturday, September 17th, 2016

By Jay Black


11:29 — FINAL SCORE: Georgia 28, Missouri 27

11:28 — Fumble forced by Dominick Sanders and it was recovered by Briscoe at the Mizzou 48 yard line. Moore was on his way for at least a FG

11:24 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Eason hits McKenzie from 20 yards. Georgia leads 28-27 with 1:29 left.

11:19 – Dawgs get a huge pass interf. penalty on a 3-&-10. UGA ball at Mizzou 35 with 2:07 left.  Davis got loose. Smart play by Mizzou to stop TD.

11:02 — Georgia has scored zero points on those four turnovers.

11:01 — Last time Georgia forced four turnovers and lost was against Florida  in 2002.

10:49 — Mauger with a huge interception in the end zone. Fourth turnover for Missouri with 8:09 to go.

10:47 — Missouri had 17 rushes for 19 yards in the first three quarters. On this drive they had 14 carries for 60 yards.

10:38 — Georgia can’t keep dodging these bullets for long, not with Missouri’s big play potential.

10:37 — William Ham misses a 38 yard field goal. It was a duck hook. Three TOs and no points for Georgia. Missouri leads 27-21 with 13:35 left.


10:28 — END OF THIRD QUARTER: Missouri 27, Georgia 21 — Analysis: Well that turned into a very sloppy quarter. Eason throws a pick on the first drive that the Tigers return to the six and score on the first play. And that’s it. Lock throws two picks, but Georgia couldn’t do anything with the first one. Georgia can’t do anything rushing the ball and Eason is running for his life, but the Dawgs defense is hanging in there. Missouri did not get a first down in the third quarter. There were some strange play calls, with the Tigers trying to run the ball a little more than you would think they would. Mizzou has 19 yards and 17 carries so far, but is averaging 16.3 yards per catch. Dawgs are fortunate to be in this game.

10:26 — Mauger with his first pick of the season. Flag after the play on UGA backs it up to midfield. UGA’s third forced turnover of the night.

10:22– Eason keeps running for his life. Georgia’s OL really struggling.

10:22 — Third quarter yards: Georgia 53, Missouri 21

10:18 — 9 yard run for Sony Michel. His longest run of the season. And tied for longest run of the game by a RB.

10:14 — Georgia’s has forced five turnovers this year. The only points was the fumble returned for a TD by L. Carter last week.

10:11 — Georgia gets nothing from interception. Ham misses a 23 yard field goal. Tigers 27, Bulldogs 21 with 6:13 left in third quarter.

10:07 — Eric Zeier: That’s one of the best check down throws you’ll see by Eason.

10:06 — Interception Georgia: Juwan Briscoe with his second pick of the season. UGA ball at the Mizzou 27.

10:04 — Another 3 and out for Georgia. Nick Chubb 15 carries for 40 yards. 2.7 average. Missouri ball at the 26.

9:59 — Mizzou does Georgia a favor by muffing the punt and then going 3-and-out. UGA ball at the 34.

9:57 — Eason now has Georgia’s longest run of the day on a 12 yard scramble on third and 17.

9:56 — Georgia goes 3 and out. Eason sacked on second down killed the drive.

9:52 — In the last two games Georgia has had four turnovers which have turned into 24 points.

9:50 — Touchdown Missouri: Lock hits Moore for six yards. It’s 26-20 Tigers with 13:54 left in third quarter.

9:49 –Interception thrown by Eason on the first drive of the half. Picked off by Hilton. Returned to the UGA 6 yard line.


9:24 — HALFTIME: Georgia 21, Missouri 20: Analysis — It feels like Georgia is just hanging on for dear life, but that’s how the Tigers play. Always on the edge. Drew Lock has thrown for 322 yards, which is more than UGA has allowed in a GAME since LSU in 2013. The Tigers had 372 in that game and it looks like that mark is going down in the third quarter.

“Biggest thing defensively is we can’t give up big plays. They do a good job of tempo. We’ve got to counter that with a good rush,” said Kirby Smart to the UGA radio network.

The Dawgs have zero sacks in the first half and no tackles for loss. But UGA still leads thanks to Jacob Eason. Eason has converted several big third downs and is willing the Dawgs here. Georgia is 6-for-9 on third downs with the average yards to make at eight yards. So it’s third and long a lot and Eason is making it happen.

The running game is struggling, averaging only 1.6 yards per carry (Mizzou has 1.9). Chubb has 34 yards on 12 carries.

Right now it’s the Eason and McKenzie show (7 catches 96 yards with a rushing and receiving TD) and it’s working.

9:22 — UGA has allowed 319 passing yards. Most in a game since LSU had 372 in 2013. It’s not half time yet.

9:15 p.m. — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Eason hits McKenzie for a 20 yard score. Georgia leads 21-20 with 1:48 left in half. 

9:07 — Yards per carry: Missouri 2.1. UGA 1.8

9:05 — Georgia really getting “behind the sticks.” Average yards to make on third downs is 8.6. UGA lucky to be 5-for-8 on third downs.

9:02 — Missouri is averaging 10.4 yards per play. Georgia at 4.6.

8:59 — Touchdown Missouri: Lock hits J’Mon Moore on the first play from 79 yards. Tigers leads 20-14 with 6:30 left in half.

8:52 — Malcolm Parrish forces a fumble recovered by UGA at Missouri 31. Second fumble recovery of season for UGA.

8:45 — Field goal Missouri: McCann hits a 46 yard FG. Georgia still leads 14-13 with 10:36 left in the half.

8:35 — Nick Chubb with only 28 yards on nine carries. It’s Eason’s show right now 12-for-17 for 111 yards and a TD.

8:32 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Eason to Christian Payne from 2 yards out. Georgia leads 14-10 with 12:48 left in the half. 

8:29 — Georgia had converted 5 straight third downs until Chubb got stoned on 3-and-1.


8:20 — Instant analysis: Jacob Eason is going to have to win this game for Georgia and so far he’s come through. Eason has converted the last five third downs, all in the air. And they have been long conversions too. Georgia’s average distance on third down is 7.7 yards. Missouri’s is 2.3. The Tigers flew down the field on their scoring drives, but Georgia forced a crucial 3-and-out to keep momentum.

8:20 — END OF FIRST QUARTER. Missouri 10, Georgia 7

8:12 — Jacob Eason was 4-for-4 on third downs on that drive for 57 yards.

8:09 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: McKenzie from six yards out on an end around. Missouri 10, Georgia 7 with 3:15 left in first. 

8:03 — Missouri is just daring Georgia to throw on them. Loading up the box. They don’t think UGA WRs can beat them.

8:00 — Both of Missouri’s scoring drives have been less than 2 minutes. They have run 17 plays.

7:59 — Field goal for Missouri: Tucker McCann hits a 33 yard field goal. Tigers 10, UGA 0 with 8:20 left in first quarter.

7:49 — Jacob Eason and Sony Michel start the game for Georgia. Nick Chubb comes in after the first play.

7:47 p.m. — That is Missouri’s first TD against Georgia in 126 minutes and 25 seconds or since the end of the 2013 game.

7:45 p.m. — Touchdown Missouri: Lock to Reese from 15 yards. Tigers lead 7-0 with 12:53 left in first quarter. UGA color analyst Eric Zeier says ” I dont think I’ve ever seen a team with a tempo that fast.”

7:42 p.m. — Mizzou’s offense is flying down the field. Pace so far is must faster than anything Georgia has seen this season.

7:38 p.m. — Georgia loses the toss so Mizzou’s fast-paced offense wants the ball.