Jay Black on the Dawgs 

Top 3 things to know: No. 11 Tennessee vs. No. 25 Georgia

  • 8:22 pm Friday, September 30th, 2016 by Jay Black

Can Georgia overcome the loss of Nick Chubb?

There has been no official confirmation that UGA’s star running back is going to be out against Tennessee, but the AJC reports Chubb will not be able to play with the high ankle sprain he suffered in the first half against Ole Miss.

It’s true, Georgia did have its second best rushing performance of the season in Oxford with 230 yards and a 5.5 yards per carry average. But it’s hard to tell if that’s going to be a trend, or if UGA piled up stats against the Rebels backups.

Sony Michel doesn’t seem [More]

It’s time to really see what Kirby Smart’s got

  • 10:09 am Friday, September 30th, 2016 by Jay Black

There was only thing that would break up the unanimous support Georgia’s rookie head coach would get from his supporters in red and black.

And Kirby Smart knew what it was when he was hired.

Everybody loves the new guy win or tie.

Now the new guy has been beat, and the grumblings are underway. It didn’t help that it was a bare-bottom spanking.

The Twitter machine and the radio shows exacerbate the finger pointing, but that’s life in the SEC.

Kirby Smart’s first loss was Georgia’s worst in five seasons. Whoever you want to blame, the Dawgs had no chance in Oxford. Ole Miss [More]

The history behind surviving a blowout and winning a division

  • 12:06 pm Thursday, September 29th, 2016 by Jay Black

The last time Georgia won the SEC in 2005, the Dawgs also recovered from a 31-point loss.

Is there really a silver-lining to taking the beating that Ole Miss delivered to Georgia?

“I wouldn’t say that,” said UGA head coach Kirby Smart during his pre-Tennessee press conference.

But there is one word that kept popping up in Smart’s answer that stood out. Opportunity.

“The silver-lining is you get another opportunity to play another really good team this week,” said Smart. “The opportunity that we have looking forward is what we are fired up about.”

Clearly there’s a lot of coach-speak in there. But a lot [More]

Kirby Smart’s fundamental fix to a big-play problem

  • 11:14 am Wednesday, September 28th, 2016 by Jay Black

Georgia head coach Kirby Smart calls out to players during pregame warmups. He will be doing a lot more yelling this week.

When you get exposed and whooped like Georgia did last week, the list of problems is as long as the drive is to Oxford.

“We’ve got to show improvement at pretty much every position,” said Kirby Smart during his press conference this week.

Yeah, improvement would be good because the Dawgs went from stumbling around against lesser competition to falling off the cliff against the first very good team they saw.

“We’ve always said around here that humility is a week away,” [More]

Georgia knows where it stands and it’s not close

  • 5:35 pm Saturday, September 24th, 2016 by Jay Black

Kirby Smart suffered his first loss as a head coach in Georgia’s 45-14 loss at Ole Miss

OXFORD, Miss — Well if you’re going to lose, might as well make it spectacular, right?


I didn’t think so.

This is the worst kind of game for a college football fan. One where you wake up with significant expectations and hopes of something special. Then you kickoff and within five minutes you know you have not shot in !(*$!(_.

Georgia had no shot. They could play Ole Miss 100 times and the Dawgs will lose 98 of them. The two wins would be because Chad Kelly [More]

GAMEDAY LIVE: No. 12 Georgia at No. 23 Ole Miss

  • 11:48 am Saturday, September 24th, 2016 by Jay Black


3:17 — FINAL SCORE: Ole Miss 45, Georgia 14

3:15 — Barring something crazy this will be Georgia’s worst loss since the 2011 SEC championship game that LSU won 42-10.

3:06 — Georgia’s defense hasn’t allowed any points the last three drives. So there’s that.

3:00 — Eason 5 for 7 for 46 yards on that drive. Was 11 for 26 for 86 before that drive.

2:57 — First points the offense has scored off a turnover this season.

2:57 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Herrien runs it in from one yard. Ole Miss 45, Georgia 14 with 7:38 left. 

2:47 — UGA interception. Walker with a big hit on Pellerien & the [More]

Top 3 things to know: No. 12 Georgia vs. No. 23 Ole Miss

  • 10:05 pm Friday, September 23rd, 2016 by Jay Black

Georgia’s pass defense vs. Chad Kelly

In the first half against Missouri, Georgia’s pass defense looked lost. In the second half against Missouri, Georgia’s pass defense looked fine.

It didn’t hurt that the Tigers let their foot off the gas and ran the ball, but three interceptions is no joke. What is also nothing to laugh at, is the Dawgs gave up more than 300 yards passing in 30 minutes.

Missouri’s Drew Lock is good, but Chad Kelly is better.

The Rebels QB is a legit NFL prospect. He’s second in the SEC in passing yards and first in TDs. But he can turn [More]

This is why Kirby Smart has his job

  • 9:49 am Friday, September 23rd, 2016 by Jay Black

I don’t know what’s in Kirby Smart’s contract. Since it’s a contract with the state (and academia at that) I’m sure it’s very complicated.

But if I were writing it – as the University has set out its expectations – it wouldn’t be too long.

The employee herein shall beat the Georgia Institute of Technology on a near annual basis or face termination.
The employee’s victories over the University of Florida and Auburn University shall exceed the number of times the employer fails to do so or face termination.
The employee shall contended for an SEC or national championship in his first three years [More]

The Dawgs little guy is now their biggest weapon

  • 1:26 pm Thursday, September 22nd, 2016 by Jay Black

Isaiah McKenzie is so much fun.

He’s so fast and so agile he looks like he’s running on roller skates. Also, he’s the shortest player on the field. He almost looks like a kid driving a motorcycle with all the adults trying to catch.

They can’t and they don’t.

Before this season, the McKenzie show was just select viewing only. He was a return wizard and he was fantastic. He’s already tied for the school record with five total return TDs. Four on punts and one on a kickoff. That was in just two years.

The only problem was, Mark Richt couldn’t trust him [More]

At least for one week, there’s no QB controversy at UGA

  • 2:19 pm Wednesday, September 21st, 2016 by Jay Black

Kirby Smart just can’t help himself.

Even when proclaiming Jacob Eason as his starting quarterback, Kirby still has to put in a qualifier.

“Jacob Eason will be able to start our game,” said Kirby Smart. “Assuming he has a good week of practice.”

Obviously it would take a monumental catastrophe on the Georgia practice field for Eason not to run out there first against Ole Miss on Saturday. But Kirby isn’t going all in on the 18-year-old just yet.

No matter how clutch he was last week.

“He’s gotten some valuable experience the last three games,” said Smart, “but let’s be honest, he’s a freshman.”

Freshman [More]