Jay Black on the Dawgs 

The most important players for the 2016 Georgia Bulldogs

  • 1:01 pm Tuesday, August 30th, 2016 by Jay Black

You know it’s time for football season when the “list” columns start coming out. Well since everybody else is doing it, might as well throw mine on the stack.

This is not a list of Georgia’s best players, but a list of the ones they have to have production for the Dawgs to be successful.

Isaiah McKenzie

The little guy scored four TDs last year. The only non-back with more was Malcolm Mitchell and he had five. Oh and McKenzie, who is listed as a receiver, didn’t have any touchdowns receiving. Two on kick returns and two rushing the ball.

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From Goff to Smart, a UGA man runs the Dawgs again

  • 5:00 am Monday, August 29th, 2016 by Jay Black

ATHENS – Ray Goff knows his place in Georgia football history and knows it’s not the greatest.

“We had good players, we just didn’t have a good coach,” the 61-year-old says through that slow aww-sucks Moultrie drawl.

Bulldog Nation hasn’t thanked Goff for much since he was fired in 1995 (expect for maybe buying and spreading a bunch of Zaxby’s around the state), but right now many are thanking him for bringing UGA’s newest head coach to Athens.

“He’s a bouncin’ little ball,” said Goff. “He’s high energy.”

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