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Bulldog Nation finds new QB to fawn over after G-Day

  • 6:37 pm Saturday, April 22nd, 2017 by Jay Black

ATHENS — Oh how quickly college football fans fall in love.

They tweet, they write, they post, they read and talk about their man. A bright shiny quarterback with long,flowing locks and an arm that’s been replaced with a bazooka.

Aww. Puppy love.

“I love him forever and always,” they write in the diaries before dreaming of their man hoisting a trophy high above his head.

Nothing can go wrong.

Until that trophy is the Liberty Bowl Trophy. And thy love is not so sweet and thy eye thou wanders. I think Shakespeare wrote about it or something.

Then they find another. With a similar name [More]

Bulldog Nation hopes it got a glimpse of what it will soon demand

  • 5:42 pm Friday, December 30th, 2016 by Jay Black

The last time the Dawgs had a season this bad, it also finished in the Liberty Bowl. At least this time, Georgia will leave Memphis ringing the bell on the Liberty Bowl trophy.

If you’re going to come to this part of Tennessee you might as well go home with some hardware.

This 31-23 win over TCU will also edge up what is already sky-high expectations for 2017. You know, sort of like the sky-high expectations for 2016.

December has probably been the best month of the 2016 season. Five of Georgia’s impact juniors said they are coming back and recruiting is going [More]


  • 11:44 am Friday, December 30th, 2016 by Jay Black


3:22 — FINAL SCORE: Georgia 31, TCU 23

3:18 — D’Andre Baker breaks up the pass on fourth down and UGA gets the ball back with 1:14 to go.

3:09 — TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA: Nick Chubb with a 13 yard run. Georgia leads 31-23 with 2:48 left.

3:08 — 5th 100 yard rushing game for Nick Chubb this year and 18th of his career.

3:02 — Trenton Thompson 3 sacks and 3.5 TFLs. A huge one on third down pushing TCU out of easy field goal range and Horned Frogs miss a 47 yarder.

2:43 — FIELD GOAL GEORGIA: Blankenship with a 30 yard field goal. UGA leads 24-23 with [More]

Dawgs head to Memphis for their big audition

  • 9:44 pm Wednesday, December 28th, 2016 by Jay Black

Memphis is a music town. It’s the home of the blues and the home of the man with the Blue Suede Shoes.

How many people have come this town with the only thing getting in the way of a job is an audition?

You can add another 75 Bulldogs, plus a few coaches, to that list on Friday when Georgia plays in the Liberty Bowl.

Welcome to your big audition for what everybody hopes will be a big 2017 season.

If you aren’t playing in a bowl game that matters (and in case you’re wondering, the Liberty Bowl doesn’t), then the main question [More]

A disappointing loss to sum up a disappointing season

  • 6:01 pm Saturday, November 26th, 2016 by Jay Black

Few things make a Georgia fan feel worse than seeing this.

ATHENS — Didn’t somebody around here used to command his players to “Finish the Drill?”

Seems that lesson has been forgotten. Now Tech gets to taste the hedges again.

For the third time this season Georgia led in the fourth quarter and lost. The Tennessee game was a miracle. The Vanderbilt game was just weird. The Georgia Tech game, well this was a collapse of painful proportions.

In 6:30 of football time, Georgia’s season went from fair, decent and maybe even good, to bad, aggravating and utterly disappointing.

“I’m sick,” were the first words [More]

GAMEDAY LIVE: Georgia Tech vs Georgia

  • 11:55 am Saturday, November 26th, 2016 by Jay Black


3:11 — Georgia Tech plants its flag at midfield as Tech players jump up and down on the Georgia G. Dawgs blow a 13 point lead in the 4th quarter.

FINAL SCORE: Georgia Tech 28, Georgia 27

3:04 — Touchdown Georgia Tech: Searcy with a 6 yd run. It was a halfback pass, but Searcy runs up the middle for the score. Tech leads 28-27 with 30 seconds left. 

3:00 — 13 tackles for Roquan Smith a career high

2:53 — Eason throws an interception on a deflected pass. Jackets ball at the UGA 46. 3:39 left. UGA leads 27-21.

2:47 — Sony Michel with 168 rushing yards [More]

Top three things to know: Georgia Tech vs. Georgia

  • 7:50 pm Friday, November 25th, 2016 by Jay Black

How does the new UGA regime handle Tech’s option?

Isn’t this always the number one thing to watch for when Georgia plays Georgia Tech?

The new wrinkle this year, UGA coach Kirby Smart has never faced Paul Johnson’s triple option.

Smart says the only time he’s really seen it was as Alabama defensive coordinator against Georgia Southern in 2011. The Crimson Tide won but still allowed 302 rushing yards.

So Smart started preparing for Georgia Tech in the spring, sprinkling in practice against the flexbone option when he could. Smart has also called other coaches asking for advice and has even brought in former [More]

The declining state of Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate

  • 10:49 pm Thursday, November 24th, 2016 by Jay Black

If you are a Georgia Tech fan, no game, no moment, no single event matters more than beating Georgia.

You sing about it in your fight song.

You talk about dropping battle axes on Georgia’s head.

It’s evidently the good word.

365 days a year, it’s all about beating the Dawgs.

Your coach has taken your team to two Orange Bowls and won the school’s first ACC title since 1990 (which has since been vacated). And yet, he’s starting to wear out his welcome in part because he’s only beaten Georgia twice and never at home.

However, Georgia Tech’s leader is now the dean of coaches [More]

No stress for the Dawgs on a beautiful, blacked out Saturday

  • 5:54 pm Saturday, November 19th, 2016 by Jay Black

Isaiah McKenzie runs for the history in the Dawgs win over ULL

ATHENS — Georgia had a few things to accomplish today.

Look good in black. Check.
Make a statement from the start. Check and check again.
Dominate throughout. Uhh not quite.
Win the game and keep everybody healthy for Georgia Tech. Done.
Be comfortable enough to play the reserves in the fourth quarter. Yup.

Alright so Georgia didn’t win 50-0. At times, this game was a bit of a snoozer. But the Dawgs didn’t screw around with this team, like they have with all the other drift they’ve played this season. And one of those games, [More]

GAMEDAY LIVE: Louisiana-Lafayette vs Georgia

  • 11:55 am Saturday, November 19th, 2016 by Jay Black


3:26 — FINAL SCORE: Georgia 35, ULL 21

3:19 –Fourth quarter yards: ULL 207, UGA 82.

3:18 — Touchdown ULL: Jennings with a one yard run. Georgia still leads 35-21 with 1:34 left. 

3:10 — Lambert’s first series is a 3-and-out. ULL ball at its 25 after a punt.

3:09 — Greyson Lambert comes in for the first time since the Nicholls game.

3:04 — Touchdown ULL: Anthony Jennings with a 13 yard run against the UGA second string. Georgia still leads 35-14 with 4:50 left.

2:55 — 207 rushing yards by ULL is the most allowed by UGA this season. Previous high was 186 by UK

2:51 — This is the most [More]

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